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Those numbers are a joke.
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I get the basics of what he's trying to say sure. "Hey guys, your daily expendable ammunition costs are much higher than airsofts!" - And we all nod in agreement and promptly shrug.

I can see shooting 4000 a day; as a back player who is laning all day with no real opposition to make me stop/shoot me. But with a manual A5? I can't see that happening.
It was like one day I woke up and every paintball field had been occupied by a slightly overweight military force.
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Those numbers are a joke.

The number are, but whats worse is the maintenance time....

I play both airsoft and paintball, my airsoft guns take way more maintenance time then my paintball guns.

I see Airsoft guns go down with gearbox issues as often as i see orings go on CO2 Tanks.....

on a funny side note, the younger crowd that is getting into airsoft are basically trying to play speedball with airsoft guns.... that difference will change the maintenance needs of the markers (more rounds more wear and tear, as well as the amount of rounds shot per a day.....

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One, most people at the field that i play at shoot at most 1 case per week and play, even the most vested of folks, 2 times a month.
Two, just 45 minutes west of Buffalo in Rochester is a great little field called NVP, check it out next time.

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You think wipers are bad, imagine shooting little bbs that don't leave any mark.

My sanity is well worth the cost of paint.
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Airsoft is less expensive, but you get what you pay for. It just lacks ... something ... a certain "I dunno what"

Why would I NOT spend two hours cleaning my gun? I don't even need to play to spend hours cleaning my 'Fox. I even polished all the brass parts of my old Rebline (with Brasso) just for fun (only took a couple of hours).

Weird that the OP didn't mention Laser Tag!
No ammo costs! No mask. No Air. No Cleaning. Okay... it's like $1,200 to get started, but after that it's basically free!
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I have no problem with paintball, airsoft, laser tag, ball tag - whatever.

However these arguments are pretty poorly constructed. They effectively start with a conclusion (X is better) and then build premises to support it. The fallacy is card stacking - when constructing the arguments information that does not support the conclusion previously reached is rejected. The argument lacks intellectually honesty.
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I bought my A-5 used on ebay for $135... My first Apex for $25 also used on ebay.

My paint for my last TWO games was seconds (that just happened to be high end Traxxus XPS) which was $45 for a case. (I used 1,100 balls for both games, still have the rest for my next game or two).

And fills for my Co2 run $3.99... but, they give you a free fill after every 4 you get filled.

So I spend less than $20 each time I play at my private field in my backyard. So paintball is definitely a "cheap" hobby for me...
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Wow, I wish I would get out and play paintball 32 times per year Gas costs alone for me playing every weekend for 8 months would most likely result in divorce papers being served to me by my wife. Then again, if I wasnt gun whoring, I might actually be able to afford doing so... hmmm.

But seriously, I would venture a guess that it would be a pretty big challenge for anyone in this area to even be able to find 32 organized airsoft games in my area per year.
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I expect that the manufacturers have figured out what you are willing to pay for a hobby and build up to that line. If they have a very good reputation and resources, they can fish the higher market or try the bulk, low end market. There's always a segment that is willing to pay extra, but the averages should all be "about average", as Yogi Berra might say.
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