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It looks like 1/2x28 TPI is the most common firearm thread. It might be helpful if those who know the information on what is common on firearms were to post it for reference and you were to make big disclaimers that you would not thread to those pitches.
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Yea that's true on the thread thing. Defiantly won't do anything below .68 thread. I will have to research if there is a standard shotgun thread and avoid that as well.
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1/2 x 28 RH is standard for the AR15 platform. I believe the AR10 platform is 5/8-24. I think 7/8-14 is common on some .50 cal systems.

The factory threading on my Saiga 12 is M22x.75, I'm unsure if that's used on other shotguns.

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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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Originally Posted by Justus View Post
FLASC uses m22x1 threads, first gen FLASC barrels has 18mm of threading, barrels made starting Jan 2010 use 12mm of threading
So tips made after January 2010 don't fit previous models?
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I'd be interested in a LAPCO BSA thread patterned product. What kind of diameter and length dimensions are we talking?

FYI, I don;t know how much you've messed with these things but, I've had no problems with I.D.s as low as .75" and I suspect I can go a little bit lower (.72 or .70) but, keep in mind that I'm shooting FS rounds exclusively.

Off-Topic: I've conducted a lot of research (I was the one who broke news of Crooker here) and held a lot of discussions with manufacturers on the topic of 'raincovers' for paintball guns since the Crooker case. Here are my current thoughts:

The Crooker appeal was decided in a specific federal circuit and the decision is not binding in other circuits.

Crooker is a felon convicted for many other things than this charge and yet, he was able to win the case, which leads me to believe that the appeal was based on sound and simple logic (i.e. "intended for" != "capable of") that will most likely win in a criminal trial unless there is other relevant information that can cause one to suspect intent (i.e. the charged has information about how to adapt to firearms, advertises a firearm suppression capability, etc).

Regardless of likelihood of winning, the ATF can and will charge or threaten folks if they are perceived as a problem. For an individual making individual pieces for their own personal use, in their home, this in itself, isn't a big deal. But, for a business, it certainly is. If the ATF, detained me for questioning, seized my tools for evidence, and seized my paintball guns and 'raincovers', it would suck but, I would see my day in court, and the charges would be most certainly be dismissed. For a company though, the ATF handles things differently. They shut down the facility, they detain employees for questioning, seize equipment, etc. Even if everything is returned, this temporary shutdown represents a loss of revenue and, this revenue may not be recovered. And for this reason alone, a lot of manufcaturers simply will not get into this business unless they safeguard themselves with a strong legal team/fund, and develope products that clearly show their intent for paintball like the TM-15's fore end or the Smart Parts SP-8 "Stealth Shroud".

So, until the Supreme Court weighs in on this issue (note that the ATF hasn't pursued this any further since) or, Congress changes the law, this will be a gray area.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.
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Originally Posted by Blackops View Post
So tips made after January 2010 don't fit previous models?
They do, they just don't thread on quite as far.

As for the binding nature of the Crooker case, in the Federal Court system you start with a District Court. All Court of Appeals opinions, no matter what Circuit, are binding on all District Courts. Only if there's a conflict in the caselaw opinions do District Courts look for distinguishing characteristics like which Circuit drafted the opinions. The opinion is not binding on any other Circuit when hearing a new appeal, nor even in the originating Circuit, but the panel of Justices would have to decide that the opinion is in error and decline to follow it. This doesn't happen very often or without good reason, because if it did it would undermine our entire system of justice because no opinion would be reliable.
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I would not touch that thing with a 10 foot pole!

It looks just like many popular monolithic core suppressors! NFA violation in waiting unfortunately and thus nearly a sure fire ticket to club fed. The ATF tech branch only needs to show it offers a decibel reduction for just one shot on any firearm to legally consider it a suppressor and they can cobble it onto the muzzle however they please for the testing. There is no formal testing procedure, they can do whatever they please to show it offers a reduction in sound. Now if you don't mind the $200 tax and paper work fine fill out a form 1 and wait for the tax stamp to arrive then have at it (if suppressors are legal in your state) and if the original poster is a licensed manufacturing SOT holder go ahead and make all you want. Post this over at or and ask what they think. There are many FFL/SOT holders on both of those sites whom know the laws backwards and forwards, but to save you some time they will tell you the same things I have.
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I think uv halo makes some good points. Individual use vs being sold as a product. I've made a couple myself and have never been that impressed with the results. I don't know if the same principles apply to real suppressors as they would to an optimal paintball suppressor. Gas expansion and all that. The only one I've kept is one I made of carbon fiber that is permanently attached to the barrel, if it has to be destroyed to be taken off you are less likely to be hasseled. I still can't aim with the damm thing unless I'm using a sight I would be a little weary of states where suppressor are illegal. Good luck I hope you can make it work.



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I'm pretty sure that some principles will apply, where as others will not.

Principles for reducing the report are probably pretty similar. Canceling soundwaves and all of that jazz.

In a real suppressor, cooling the air reduces the expanding volume and allows the air to be captured inside the can, where as on a paintball supp.... er... "rain cover" (lol) the air is expanding at a nominal temperature and needs to be redirected and slowed.

I'm of the personal belief that if you were to build one exactly like one for a firearm, it wouldn't work as well as one designed specifically with paintball in mind. But that's just me.
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This is in no way, shape or for designed for a firearm.
Ok if we can get away from the legal talk that would be great.
I know it a grey area and appreciate the info but really just trying to gage intrest for them.
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