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This thread has popped up in some form or another every six months or so. For years. YEARS. That should tell you everything you need to know right there. If anything, the game is in the best shape it's been in a long it. What high end electros? Got it. How about low/mid ends? Pumps? Magfed? Quality entry level mechs? Single-frickin-trigger fast mechs? Even new autococker-style markers and bodies are being produced. R & D for new markers takes time and money, and there's new stuff everywhere now. This game or sport is doing just fine, and will be as long as people are still playing it and companies are still finding niches to fill. Start worrying when you can't find a game anywhere and companies stop making anything new. That couldn't be further from the truth right now.
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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Paintball is trimming the fat and consolidating itself. It doesn't need saving.
Very true! I was thinking the same thing. There are ups and downs with everything. If the game is on a downward slope where you are, tough it out and stick will be back.
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paintball is too fun to just die off lol
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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
What's with this paintball is dying and we need to save it that I keep seeing every where?

Paintball is fine. Move along.
I agree. It's an eccentric sport, only fun to play, not to watch. It needs aggression and pranks and cursing. It's not a family sport. It's fun to let loose safely of course.
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It's not dieing it's changing, just like it always has. All forms of paintball have their pros and cons, they're just relative to the players and the fields interests.

99BPS- we'll let you know when the next Gravity League event is. I'm an hour and a half from Red Hook and less from the Bronx, Queens and points North.
Paintball is fun!
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Originally Posted by Patar View Post

I'm impressed by stuff like MCB. I'm impressed by the little bubbles of true stock class players. I'm impressed by outlaw fields like FreeEnterprise's Trails of Doom... that stuffs sweet. That's paintball the way it should be yknow.
Woot! Thanks Patar, glad you like my stuff.

Sports have a natural ebb and flow. I remember back when I turned pro in BMX (in 1990... right when the sport was dying, according to many...) people were leaving the sport in droves. The AFA died, the NBL was the only national level competition left. And pro entry fees were $500 PER event... Maximum payout for first place was only $1,000... So good luck with that, as they had 8 contest a year. ALL over the country. And no one could find any sponsors at the time to pick up those costs, as corporate dollars had left to focus on mountain biking, and we were in a recession.

But, look at BMX freestyle today. It is HUGE. And you know why?

Because us riders MADE it that way. I grew up riding with Jon Byers, who when we were kids told me that he was going to start a BMX company and call it Eastern so guys in the magazines HAD TO take notice of us on the east coast. That chip on our shoulders pushed us to ignore the "public" part of freestyle and focus on what WE could do instead. And the riding levels of the east coast, midwest and central states TOOK OVER the sport. Guys like Dennis McCoy, Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Kevin Jones, ect, didn't care what the magazines focused on, we just kept riding hard. AND we didn't wait for the big companies to build bikes that could withstand our abuse, we built our own, and Eastern bikes, Hoffman bikes, Standard Bikes, and many other rider owned companies were all born. RIDERS making bikes that would hold up to our abuse.

Did you ever hear how the Xgames got started? Mat got sick of having NO contests as they were a place you could go and see the newest tricks, and hang out with your buds. Well, he decided to use the tiny profits he was making from his bike company and started the BS series (yes it meant that...) as he was tired of all the bull from all the "corporate" owned contests. Those contests were a BLAST, and everyone was having FUN. After they got huge, the Xgames was born from those contests, and Mat helped get it all going.

Again a RIDER promoting the sport. Because he was having FUN with his friends.

That is the key, Having FUN. If what you are doing on the field hurts other players fun, then you need to rethink how you play. If your field stinks, FIX IT, as YOU can be the driving force to make changes.

I was riding for Dia Compe brakes back in the late 80's and they sent me a set of prototype 990 brakes, and mounting posts, as back then no bikes had 990's on them. So I put them on the back AND front of my bike (first rider to do this, my neighbor had a welder and with all our abuse we learned to use that thing really well). I also invented the double seatpost clamp and gave that invention to one of my sponsors (GT). I also invented a sprocket that stops at the perfect ride off spot so you never have to guess where your pedals are when doing no footed jumps, or a flatland trick, as they will always be right where you want them. And I invented roller savers for bar ends on bikes, after grinding down a brand new set of bars learning hitchhikers. One of my friends wanted a set, and started producing them for sale after that.

No product was out there that did these things, so I made them myself. So I could have MORE FUN.

Once paintball becomes a job, it loses it's fun factor for lots of people, so if you spend your time having fun, that is when you will do things that later on you will realize made a big impact, but at the time, you were just pushing for more fun.

As people enjoy having fun, and you can't put a price on that. So do your best to grow the sport in a way that you can impact. If all of us did that, the sport would continue to grow. (actually, it IS growing where I live, as we have new players often at my private field...) Course, I am biased as I think my field is the most fun out there! Lol.
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Wow you brought back a ton of memories there with the BMX stuff! You hung with the kid that started Eastern Bikes! Pretty cool! I used to race for Schwinn and then Skyway. I still have a pair of Graphite mags with the Campy hubs. Pair number 9 to be exact. Used to ride ramps now I have a park bike and kill my self on that. But back to the thread at hand. There are some parallels to both sports but BMX at the track is a family friendly sport. Paintball is not. When they try to promote it as that its your typical cooperate fail! But you also have to recognize that MCB is while a great place is a minority in the sport. Cleaning it up as some have said must happen at the PB Nation type players. yes we can help by having fun and playing hard but fair and not throwing our guns LOL! But when your at the field how many times do you see over shooting? Theres not allot you can do about it. OK you stick out your chest and get into it with a moron who's there for all the wrong reasons. But he didn't learn that from TV so you can't blame that. Who's to blame for where things are at? This is going to sound like a pumpers pipe dream but I think if fields had only pumps for renters and decent ones I think the fun would start there. Most renters only use 500 shots anyway so the field would not lose money there. And I think if the renters played without the fear of the killer kid with the Ion they would have fun. The field up keep on markers would be cheap, the players would be easier to manage and I think they would return. Keep speed ball on the blow up field. And at a Scenario let the Milsim guys have three shot burst to level it a bit against the faster guns. But you have to keep renters separate from the Pro walk ons I like to call them. (Rich kid with Ego) just a bad day for a newbie with a Tippy 98! But paintball is not so much dying it's changing. To what I'm not sure, it's up to how the fields treat the new players. The 3 fields I go to OSG, AG and Boston Paintball look to me at least to do a good job. I kinda had a bad day at Fox 4 this year but I usually don't. The Refs took things in hand but the players that were ramping and wiping just were typical of the issues that upset the MCB guys. At the Turkey shoot in OSG I had to be rescued in a game by a Ref. After holding a back corner in a game for 20 minutes I got hit. Put my gun up but the Op would not let me out of the bunker. Just kept on shooting. Ref screamed at them said sorry to me and explained on the Bring your own paint days the Speedballers just hose. I was hit more than 10 times after calling out. Ref ran down but the damage was done. And I was just not happy but what to do? Not worth it. They will never get it. They don't want to get it! They just want to inflict pain and laugh about it with their buddies after the game. So I play pump only because of stuff like this. Sorry for the ramble but this kind of problem has been prevalent since the arms race started in the 90's and got worse with the Ion in my opinion. I see no going back. If I own a field I want to sell lots of paint. I want lots of players. How to get both? It's got to be fun. Feyd.............
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Originally Posted by Tugboater203 View Post
It's not dieing it's changing, just like it always has. All forms of paintball have their pros and cons, they're just relative to the players and the fields interests.

99BPS- we'll let you know when the next Gravity League event is. I'm an hour and a half from Red Hook and less from the Bronx, Queens and points North.
As I said earlier, I think I get the wrong impression from my few homes (all of which have a deadish pb scene compared to potential).

At the same time people have made really true and compelling points.

I regret using the term "save paintball" 100% as saving is not required. That much should have always been clear. Growing the sport in certain ways, as others have pointed out very well, is up to use as players.

But many have agreed that seeing more Pump/Stock class tourneys would be nice. I just wish the major companies saw real money in promoting pump/stock as an alternative instead of introduction to semi automatic paintball. Companies like CCM may see that, but the bigger companies, like KEE, make entry level pumps for a cheap reliable marker to get people into the sport. It would be nice to see them add mid-and-high level offerings as well. To show people that you can continue to improve without switching. This will happen as we demand it though. and i guess thats the point I like so much. It really is up to the players to decide what the sport becomes, and if the players start using more pump/stock class and entering local pump/stock tourneys the scene will grow.

My bad about bringing up a topic that has been talked about so often. But I learned ALOT and am very impressed. I've played for a long time, and while I love the sport have never lived close enough to a major PB center to make it my main hobby. Listening to people who play multiple times a week talk about the sport shows how little I truly know about PB outside of my little bubbles that I live in and between (BrooklynNY, my apartment, Mamaroneck NY(gfs apartment, Scarsdale ny, parents house and Burlington vt, my College).

Hows are the college leagues going? I know the UVM team I used to play with does not exist anymore. I know the St.Mikes team still exists but has not ever won again against Norwich (military school, they rock at PBall lol). Though I remember hearing MSU got rid of the team, as did U of M. Those are all the colligate programs I knew about, anyone have any good news on the college paintball front? (**** pro, college paintball would be where it was at!).
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I played for the West Point from 06 to 10. We started as a AA team and moved up to division A. Many of the players in division A are divisional players in the PSP or NPPL. I know Long Beach had a bunch of solid players. The interesting thing about NCPA is that the guys play hard and are generally good. Each division has at least 4 events and its nice to see the same guys event after event. There is no money or prizes to win, just bragging rights. It's a good time and a medium where some of the best paintball in the world is played.
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If the sport shrunk back down to the size it was when I started playing it's already been saved.
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