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I have done that. Hung over paintball/reffing is fun. Yeah, fun.
Originally Posted by Painthappy
Somethang straight-up wrong.. well, went wrong. Us thugs will now sack dem involved.
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Originally Posted by pillage View Post
I have never puked through a paintball mask, but I have puked through a reg while diving in a rough surge.
Hungover diving BTDT. Ya'll are making me wonder how many divers are on here.

I haven't puked on the field but I have broken & seen bones broken on the field.

For anybody not familiar with diving. Puking through the reg(2nd stage regulator, aka the piece in your mouth)is the safest way to do it instead of pulling the reg out of your mouth because when you go to inhale after losing lunch you get chunky air instead of water.
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Is anyone else impressed that he left his mask on?

I played on a hangover once. Only once, though.

Due props on clear-headed thinking while tossing the cookies, divers!
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Never puked with mask on but I have ralphed moments before the first game of a local tournament thanks to some rather overly spiced ribs the night before...
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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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That's pretty hardcore. I'd think I'd sit one out before I got that sick. I'm not that into paintball.

Though I did reel up a shark while puking during a halibut fishing trip in AK.
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Back in 2008 (or '09?) I had the flu (eventual discovery) and wanted to leave school early that day. My mom said if I left then I couldn't play that weekend at a scenario game out of town. So I powered through it and went down to Conder's in Central Kentucky. Played most of the day after drinking the night before and being as hungover as a 17 year old knows and eventually vomited in my mask in a similar fashion then later collapsed in their Urban Game. Got back up and tried to finish the game (my first outing w/ my MagRifle + youth's pride) only to literally crawl back to my group's area and pass out briefly. The rest of the evening ended up being one of those sexually deviant evenings (not in the good way) that high school was great for and I ended the night by crawling from my car into my house for a solid Sunday of shivering and half-regrets. At least I got to do some fondling.
Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
drill for eyes and don't install any.
That'll teach her
Originally Posted by shredxcam View Post
Mini a t2 or s6/6.5
Then eblade it

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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
see people, that's why the JT/Empire Flex masks are the best for just that reason. can't do that with any other mask. of course, why would you need to do that, but that's a person choice.
I kinda doubt they'll ever advertise them that way...
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Never puked but I had to take a sudden dump at a tourney, couldn't make it to the porter potty so I spilled my case of paint and took a dump in the paintball box. My old team still brings it up whenever they see me. The last time was at a wake, kinda weird
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I felt that pre puke feeling during a game and ran off the field and puked in a trash can. I played the next game. I vomit a lot due stomach issues so i am surprised i have not puked more during paintball.
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Maybe too much water? I've come close a couple of times when trying to aggressively hydrate to compensate for what I was sweating, but was able to keep it down.
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