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Eh.. Don't ask me.. Copy and pasted from the Angel Owners site. I know nothing about these things.
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Well, since I started play in 1997 Ive alway wanted an Angel v6 myself. There was an artical in the first APG I purchased about the gun. IIRC there was also a good looking blonde holding the gun, but its been ten years and the imagein my head of the tilte page of the artial is a bit blured. So for me the V6 is collecatable.

Im also going to have to say Stock/near stock Spiders from 97-99, as they were some good guns back then, where as the ones that came after the compact 2000 were junk. Im thinking these will be the PGP of the blowbacks in terms of collectability.

AKAs will be collectable also, possibly into KP status
In addition Id go as far to say anything of quality that is flashy from the factory and still bone stock.
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Angels that have not been chopped for fad double triggers, same goes for original custom shop cockers, Eclipse splash/ custom anode guns before they actually made their own. T5 cocker, E-Nitro Duck cockers these will be the Vectors of the future.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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Hey carter, what is the serial number on your angel?
Originally Posted by Drum View Post
When I worked in the county prison, all my pals among the correctional officer staff were always talking about how they needed a large(r) caliber handgun in case they were confronted by someone on "PCP" or "Angel dust".

Now... all they talk about is zombies.
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Originally Posted by kutulu View Post
Any gun i've personally owned will be worth quite a bit in years to come
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Alright, would a .45 framed squall be considered "Rare". I know atleast when I got it that it was one of VERY few ever made. Oh yea, and Vector Model B is on the way, I hope atleast.

EDIT, What about something like a microsquall that's been .45'd? I might be coming by one of those too
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i second the pv1 shocker carter. they had a big influence on paintball. and i NEVER see them up for grabs.

i also think there will be a big shift towards custom cockers, ones especially done before the electro craze.

the craziness of b.p.s. and slimmed down, feather weight design can only go so far. once it's run its course, the only thing to do will be to fall back on history. we may see people coming back to a more purity of paintball, making all the old guns desireable.
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It may seem kind of odd, but I could kind of see the C3 becoming fairly collectable in a few years. It's a unique design that never became particularly popular.
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Lucky bastidge.. its hard to find those in non molested form.

I say most of the early stuff will be collectible, like the old angels and PVI's, and the Sandridge and other early e-cockers in non cut and separated form. Its damn hard to find guns that are not upgrades in one form or another.
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