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Don't get me wrong, I love the Axe, but I don't think that it'll have the same long-term reliability as an Ego would have. Keep in mind, stacked-tube poppits have been around for a long, long time. An Angel is, for all intents and purposes, a stacked tube poppit. So any issues that they could get have been hammered out years and years ago.

With your criteria, an Ego is going to be your best option, IMO. There are definitely other options; there are a plethora of electros out there. But when it comes to reliability? Planet Eclipse all the way.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Originally Posted by jc_10 View Post
IDK man, I think the e-mag is pretty terrible when compared to most modern guns. The triggers are garbage and they're heavy... plus the proprietary battery issue. Big pass on that one.

Commence freak out.
that's why you get Xmod(or get lowers that already have them on there), which fixes the poor programming language.

ULE bodies, Xvalve, ULE rails, carbon Fiber inserts on the bodies, AND CF barrels will all help with some of the weight. nothing can really be done with the weight of the battery. in any form, its not the gun for trekking on a long scenario game, so it is what it is. but, the gun is totally solid when it fires and is rock solid in ease of use.

also, adjusting the on/off pin down to the .710-.720 range will then allow the gun to really be fun, like 20bps fun, but still give you control-ability over the trigger.

if you jc-10 were close, i'd give you a run with my Emag and see the look on your face when you become a convert, or at least change your opinion of them.
Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
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I'll toss in for my babies.

Karnivor or e-cocker. Can be had cheap, sip air, are reliable (if you leave it alone or know what your doing), parts will be around forever and require almost no maintenance.

Ego's are also tanks, and awesome in many ways. I don't think they kick too much but they are loud. The egos little brother the etek is also an amazing choice.

Third I suggest an e-cocker again. Just too cool.
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#1 2k2 or Alias Intimidator. They really would cover pretty much all of your criteria. Fast, efficient, decent array of available parts and upgrades. Easy to maintain but tonight adjustment points to satisfy your tinkerer side.

#2 DM09/10 or a DM6. Stock parts are extremely good. Seals are all common sizes. Same robust solenoid throughout the years. Bit more maintenance then a Timmy because it's a spool valve, but it becomes easier as you get comfortable with it.

#3 obligatory Ego suggestion... The frame and the solenoid is really the only reasons this isn't higher. PE kinda has a bad habit of constantly changing their solenoids every other year. The frame issues go without saying. Really other than that, they are rock solid.

Hope that helps
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ive only had 1 electro, but i will say that the geo 3 shoots better than any other paintball marker ive used.( i used quite a few). it always works, always shoots straight, and doesn't break paint.
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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
easy, 2 choices.

1) Emag. its already on the same platform that you already know.

2) ICD B2K. not only can i hook you up with one, but that they are pretty simple, shoot great and easy to use. other than the noid and battery, there are no other real problems. orings are common enough, and i have all the parts you can need. i service them and can come in blind or with eyes, and in cocker or ICD thread.

talk to me. hell, i'll send you an example to test out. how many people will say or do that?

1. For this one I want to steer away from AGD, simply because of the 'different factor'. Also, I'd like to keep my classics-only mag policy intact. Well? Maybe an Ego-mag with classic uppers. . . . That might be different enough

2. Sir, you are a gent. I salute your generosity. Am a bit swamped with work and other chores at present, which is why I'm doing this now, so as to have something to think about until I can actually get some real time to test some of these finalists in the field. But if you are willing, I may indeed take you up on a test drive when I have opportunity. Thank you.


Karnis are beautiful indeed, as are most cockers. Just seems like so many of them have lousy feednecks.


Good list. But remember, I'm reeeeaaaallly ignorant here. So when you say the Ego frame issues go without saying, do please humor me, and say. What frame issues?

Note to self. May be good to go back and keep a list in the first post of nominations and votes.

Thanks all. Keep it coming, please.
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Originally Posted by Menace View Post

So when you say the Ego frame issues go without saying, do please humor me, and say. What frame issues?
Without starting a huge argument, whether it be intentional by PE or not, here is the frame issue people talk about when it comes to eclipse.

ill second the Bob Long recommendation, along with the macdev cyborg line. The 05-07 borgs (while larger than some other electros) are great guns and can be picked up fairly cheap. simple to maintain without tools and is your standard stacked tube poppit. The 2k2/2k5 timmys are nice as well, again huge supply at decent prices and great customer support. The axe/mini line is good as well.

if i was forced to only bring one electro with me to the field and had to use it all day, itd be my Cyborg Rx. put air to it, chrono, go play. Ill save my anti-eclipse attitude for later.

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I'm glad someone said Bob Long. I just got an Alias off a member here(I've wanted a Timmy forever), and All my research indicates that they fit 12/11 requirements. #12 being American Made.

That said most guns are reliable if you maintain them properly.
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Zoiks! Is that pic for real? So bent frames is a chronic issue? Perhaps thinly machined, or softer aluminum alloy? Perhaps that is why they have variations with composite frames?

Also, you note 2002/2005. Only those two years, or everything in between?

And to all who have noted specific years, can you say a bit more about what makes this or that year better?


American made is indeed a powerful plus. And I'm frankly surprised to have heard so little about Bob Long stuff thus far. He's been making (from what I understand) great stuff for a long, long time.

Anyone able to speak about any of his other stuff (G6R/Marq/Vice/Victory/VCOM, etc.), or is the Timmy series the best?
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yes the ego frame is real. there is a huge argument between people who say "PE made the frame the weak link for safety" vs those who say "The frame on the ego was machined too thin and was by no means intentional". I agree with the latter statement for the simple fact that if PE had done this, it woulda been put up in huge letters as the latest and greatest technological advancement.

the timmy line has different generations. those would be the gen 2 or gen 3, gen 2 being introduced in 2002, gen 3 introduced in 2005, they've became known as 2k2, or 2k5, 2k5 also being noted as the "alias" generation even though the alias is a specific body/front block, and frame. so you could buy a 2004 timmy, but it would still be a 2k2 if that makes sense.

bob makes some very good guns, the marq line (06, 07, rapper, closer mummy, vic) are an inline poppit system, they're smaller, have a few more orings than normal, but can, and typically do, shoot very well. The only BL i would steer clear of, and only due to your rules, is the Gen 4 or 2k6. They use a different valve system, when working its amazing, but you tinker quite a bit. The vice/protege are great guns, along with the G6R.

The thing with the gen2/gen3 timmies is that you can build them from just a body, any 2k2 body can be made to use a 2k5 frame and front block. parts are everywhere, and almost any part can be changed to fit your personal likes.

gen 2 timmy (2k2)

alias timmy (gen 3/ 2k5)
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