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Cool pic. How was it playing in just eye protection but with semis?
Originally Posted by hey_yeo View Post
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SC Roadkill at the first MOUT Site game ever: Sept 28 & 29 1996 Battle of Ste. Mere Eglise Ft Pickett, Va

I'm the one in the purple shirt standing in the jeep and Thumper is in the yellow shirt all the way to the right.

By Thumper : "Team Position I had the XO position under Mark Stiffer. But Mark bugged out at dark. Taz took over for the evening, and I took over the next day. Game Information MOUT site. 14 buildings. Tunnels. Wooded perimeter. Team Information: Thump, Clay, Skeeter, Grendel, Taz, Doc, Tumor, Brain, Travis.

Outcome We Won. All missions accomplished. This is particularly interesting considering the 12+ active 82nd airborne troops playing for the enemy. Thump's comments Even a Seal Team that was watching commented on our teamwork. Road Kill is definitely a cohesive unit. Brain earned himself a position on Road Kill at this one. Excellent dedication and discipline. We had the far Hospital, and no local staging. That sucked. "

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Originally Posted by Stuffy View Post
Cool pic. How was it playing in just eye protection but with semis?
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Originally Posted by russc View Post

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Originally Posted by Stuffy View Post
Cool pic. How was it playing in just eye protection but with semis?
I really preferred goggles-only back then.
Remember, nearly all tournaments were in the woods still. Even the pros.

So you usually were not "bunkered", or bonus balled like today. Generally, most hits were fairly far away, so the FPS ended up being lower, and usually a body shot.

And yes, when you were hit in the face, it almost always bounced, which was the whole point. Plus, the goggles never fogged, and you really felt much cooler in summer.

I played that way up until 1998 when just about every fields insurance started specifically banning goggles-only. Even by 1996, many fields started making me sign a special "Its your own damn fault if you loose an tooth" waiver.

Now, if I could only find a team photo...

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Old Team pics

Originally Posted by earonk View Post
Johnny robinson at the bottom right??
Here is Johnny Robinson, circa 1990 as well as the rest of the 10man team on a practice day. Johnny is top left. I'm the 4th from top left.Attachment 6462

Since you asked for Johnny specifically, here he is with John Zimmerman also 1990.Attachment 6463

This is the Bushmasters Team we took to the Lone Star Open 1990 in Commerce. Ross top center
Attachment 6464
We got so screwed that event.
In our Semi bracket we played agains the Ironmen (we hung their flag 100pts)
Florida Terminators (also hung their flag for 100pts).
And against Constant Pursuit (stalemate with them getting a pull) so we ended up with 240 point for our 3 games. This was almost a full 100 pts higher than the next place team. But get this, PMI, the main sponsers, had started a new point system that was absurd.
Flag hang=2 pts
Stalemate goes to bodycount and winner gets =2pts
Flag pull=1 pt

There was no incentive to go for a pull/hang, all you had to do is survive.
Teams that didnt even hang a flag advanced on to the Finals!
Once, teams figured out the logic, there wasnt even a flag hang in the 4 team final. Sooooo boring.

This Event was the 1st win for Bob's Ironmen when they started their 5+ year reign.
In fact, it was their first tourny using Bud's autococker. He was there personally to tech them (I should know, he kept me awake a few nights fiddling with his first version silenoid).
We still beat em.....


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Has anyone ever heard of the Tennessee Ridge Runners from back in the day? It is a paintball team my uncle was on, maybe late 80's. He claims they were very good.
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I could not find a pic of the whole team but i have a few good ones.

Team Jolt, January 15 1991 at Paintball sams

Jolt at Paintball Hill

My dad is the one with the coffee. You get a gold star if you know who the guy on the left is
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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Nah, one of Marty Bush's original pull thru squeegee's
Best damn squeegee ever!

Found this on the GPL website, I think it had to be earlier than 1997 though. I think The Encounter shut down around 1995 but those years are a little foggy for me..

That's me in the center, Mark Kielpinkski on the left and Bill something or other on the right.

DSA - these are the guys Glenn played with before he moved out west and hooked up with you guys.
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