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Paintball Confessional

Confession: I play scenario and woodsball, but have never shot a Tippmann. Does this make me a bad person? Is it heretical that I'm really not that interested in "Tippys"?

What if I said that I call myself a "tinkerer", but have not yet timed or shot a mechanical 'cocker?

(In my defense, I maintain and play with a decent variety of guns including a Rainmaker, e-Cocker, PGP, RT Automag and Maverick. There are other "classic" guns in my collection, but the electros usually get the playing time.)

What horrible paintball-related confession do you have to get off your chest?

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I owned a cocker but never shot it. The pump kit went on too fast.

I own a Mag that I have yet to shoot that is going out soon.

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I've never tried HPA?
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I consider myself a "pump" player, but have a Blazer with NO PUMP KIT!

I think that's it. Oh, and I used a semi in a game once about 3 months ago. But there were other semi's. In fact, I would have been the only pumper.
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Pump is too much work so i've been playing allot with my semi's lately.
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I've owned 5 markers that never saw the field

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I have far too many pumps and I honestly get bored of playing pumps against DM5s etc.

That and I have 2 KPs that never see the light of day
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Originally Posted by wowomatic View Post
I've owned 5 markers that never saw the field
Oh yeah? Well I owned five fields that never saw a marker!

Okay, that isn't technically true. But it sounded good. I'll have to think on this one!
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own 2 guns that have never seen the field...i know theres a lot more just cant think of em
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I've never used HPA.

I've only owned 2 types of paintball guns, 98C's and RAP4 Gen4.

I've never used an Electro.
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