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Yeah, I agree with that. I played a game with one a couple days ago, and it was awesome. I was playing with my PGP, and one of the guys there who was all milsimmed out had one of these pistols. He was so intruiged with the PGP that he wanted to play a game with it, so I said he could if I could play a game with his Tib8. It was awesome. I love the whole clip concept too, that was fun to change clips when you ran out of paint. It was almost enough to make me go buy one, but then I realized that I dont have that kind of money just to spend. Oh well....something to look forward to I guess.
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Actually with the sight riser, you would have enough relief to aim thru the scope. Depending on your mask type, you may not have much of a problem aiming right down the top of the marker. I will say this , having owned the pistol, they make a quality product and a very accurate product.
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I wonder if the Rain cover on the Elite version is made by them or another company?
A kit to chage the Tib8 into the rifle would be cool to. I'd get one of those maybe.
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I got a real brief moment to check the T9 out at World cup and I thought it was pretty cool. According to the woman at the booth all the accessories are made by Tiberius. I unscrewed the mock suppressor and its just a piece of double walled aluminum tube with some female threads in it. The release date was supposed to be 11-17 so I'm sure some people we be getting their hands on them pretty soon.
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Here's some insight and some news/info:
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The website has been modified and shows all the stuff now, to tell yout the truth most of it isnt my style, I'll probably go with another TAC and some of the UMS offerings instead of a new carbine. Maybe another tac and a couple comps, or one with a long barrel and a raincover.
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