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A pump for every style of play ?

I was just cleaning up one of my new pump's wondering if people here have a pump that they intend to use for one type of play.Ino alot of people do something like that but to what extent? For an example an open class center feed sniper with the norm stuff for say airball type play then an older pgp or nelspot or something of that nature for just old school pistol play or a sidearm. And say also a phantom or right feed sniper for woodsball /recball does anyone here do this to a tee? I do in a way but ill use anygun for any style of pump play really.and also do you think its a good reason to have so many pumps as i do ? just thought it would be an interesting little fun fact/ general question.-Nick
Originally Posted by Looper View Post
Are you allowed to use a warp on an SP-1... won't they revoke your man card...

My Markers:
pre 2K R feed sniper 2
Open class Sterling
Tippmann A5 stealth
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I sorta do that, but based on what kind of day it is.

Azodin KP or a CCM S6(I really hope) for All-Around-Fun
CCM S6 (Hopefully) will definitely come out for when it needs to get serious, such as a bad day where some people are being d-bags.
Trilly Pump for my friends to use.

As for reason, yep, it's fine. Unless you own like a camo T2/S6 for woodsball and another one of the same model colored differently for speedball. In which case, you should be spreading the love! =P
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I...sorta do that

1. My VSC phantom for when I first start the day, good ol' fun.

2. My CCM S6 with 50rd hopper and 13ci tank for when i get angry...

3. An electro for when i get really really, angry
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My cf phantom is my everyday pump gun. Buzzard used to be for SC play till I sold her.. Now for SC play I have my PGP but she is on the block too. Since the phantom is black, I might just get a SC body for it and use the Micro CA for when that mood hits. Otherwise the CF fills all my needs.
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I use my both guns equally. I maybe start the day with my SuperStocker and end it with my autococker

Originally Posted by Sir_Frag View Post
This is a common misconception. The marker in question is actually from a limited run that WGP produced to try using the little finger as the firing finger to promote digital ambidexterity. Unfortunately, the gravity inverter needed to feed paintballs was sold separately.
Originally Posted by jokers
I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.
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I tend to use my open class more in speedball and my stock class more in the woods, but both get used in the other quite a bit as well.
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I can say that I have a pump for every occasion and an occasion for every pump (these are the guns I actually use and the multiple purposes they serve but these aren't even all my pumps, lol):

Backups (my most dependable)
SL68 I

Airball play:
Bob Long custom sniper

Woodsball play:
Kp2 (down at the moment though )
Bob long custom sniper
P68 sc
Taso Spartan

Close quarters (small field) play:
Nelspot 007
SL68 I
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I have a few different pumps, but I don't change for style of play I change with my mood or my physical condition at that point in time.
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...Not sure what that was
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I do. My primary marker though is my 2K3 Outkast Sniper II, i run a 68/4500 on it, with a revvy.

But, i have two Phantoms, one i keep setup Open class, 50 round hopper, 3.5oz. The other is VSC. I also have a Vert feed sniper i bring with me, i have a Orracle Sniper that i will only use 50 round hoppers with....Im not a big fan of changing markers around to suit my needs, or how i feel like playing, so, i bring many markers, and just swap markers instead of parts...
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Originally Posted by Ieo View Post
I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.
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I find that it is too much work to switch guns mid day. Most of the time the gun i start with is the gun i will finish the day with. All of my pumps have a different feel, so switching mid day can be awkward some of the time (that doesnt mean i dont do it sometimes). Lately it has been my sanchez all day, no matter what i play.
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