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You do know that the CP's are not mesh?

After watching the video, this isn't news in the slightest. Every bit of paint comes through the mask, finely liquified. It tastes horrible, just ask RussC. But that's the tradeoff for the breathability.
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Yeah, I'd say the CP2s block more paint than that guy. I've taken face shots in mine, and yeah you get gooped pretty bad, but I've never had a bloody nose.
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I guess the larger surface area of the metal grill is less impervious to the shells.

Doesn't the high velocity of paint sting?
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Shell fragment depending on the brand can sting a bit but most is absorbed by the mask.

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Try not to get hit in face and worry about it less.
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I must have missed that memo

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^^^ actually these perforated aluminum masks make you aware of how far you are sticking out of the bunker.

I've mentioned it before, but these do not let shell through. The only "but" is that they don't slow the paint down. Which doesn't hurt, it's just very surprising.

Imagine the dentist, out of nowhere, just sprayed you in the face with his little water gun instead of on your teeth like you were expecting.
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To be fair, that has no lens, and those guys are seriously irresponsible.

Edit - when I entered the thread it took me to the last page, my bad.

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