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AmericanPaintball 09-28-2006 10:12 PM

American Paintball Stock Class Gun Cleanout
Ok, well it has been a while since I have made any sales, just wanting to cleanout some of my guns I have in stock to free up some cash for some Merchandise for the Christmas Season. NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES, Feel Free to inquire if I am not clear on the descriptions, but everything is NEW equipment unless otherwise stated. The prices will include USPS Priority Mail shipping. I accept Paypal, credit card or money order.

First Up I have 1 - Black Stock Class Phantoms, these are the primary configurations with the 11 inch barrels - OFF TO EBAY

Next up, not to many of this pattern, it is a woodland 3 color, VSC w/ 45 grip. Has an 11 inch barrel - OFF TO EBAY

Another Phantom VSC w/45 grip and a T-Stock, this is referred to as a Swamp Acid Wash pattern, wish I could explain the pattern & hope these pictures will do. WAS $330 shipped, NOW $300 SHIPPED

In these pictures there are 2 Phantoms, the bottom one the Acidwash Green/Black is New the top pictured is a used Acidwash Green/Silver.

The bottom Acidwash Green/Black VSC with M-16 Grip is NEW and the asking price WAS $245 shipped, NOW $220 SHIPPED

The Acidwash Green/Silver VSC w/ 45 grip is used and has some scratches on the quick change. price WAS $225 shipped, NOW $210 SHIPPED

Picture of the Scrape on the quick change, customer must of used pliers to take off the quick change

Phantom VSC Acidwash Red/Silver 45 grip w/ Stock, this is a wall display, I still have the box and paperwork, just took it off the shelf. It has NOT been fired just been hanging on display. Price OFF TO EBAY

Into the Palmers Guns... These are NEW guns never fired

Palmers Super Stocker #285 vented barrel, OFF TO EBAY

SOLD - Palmers PUG #272, $320 shipped - SOLD

Thank you guys for looking, if you have any questions on my dealings feel free to ask around the forums, or you can check out my ebay ID Weezar28

Tony Huizar
American Paintball

decimator4 09-28-2006 11:42 PM

New you say? Hm... i may possibly get the pug, but itll be until tommorow until i know, ill get back to you

AmericanPaintball 09-28-2006 11:48 PM

sounds good, just keep me posted, I don't mark anything pending until I get more solid assurance. nothing against you

DCB 09-29-2006 06:45 AM

Interested in trades?

AmericanPaintball 09-29-2006 08:35 AM

Not really looking for trades at this point, Actually might be thinning down my collection in the near future.

decimator4 09-29-2006 10:33 AM

I will take the pug for 320 shipped, i can use paypal, what address should i paypal?

AmericanPaintball 09-29-2006 11:02 AM

message sent, Pug SOLD to Decimator

AmericanPaintball 10-03-2006 09:12 AM

gonna leave these on here another day or so and then off to ebay they go...

AmericanPaintball 10-07-2006 10:06 AM

prices all adjusted, everything was dropped from 5-10% in price

aqua_scummm 10-08-2006 09:05 PM

Woodland camo phantom... Is it used with all the packaging, or still completely new?

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