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"Tongue" detent for Sheridan style guns

Saw this thread:
Ultimate detent mods for most barrels
And got to thinking....

There's plenty of ways to stop rollouts. This way looked really good but I didn't want to drill a hole in my brass.

I decided drilling a hole in the face of my bolt would be ok.
I should state, I did this on a PPS superstocker with a .690 barrel and wedgits:

But the Idea should work on a sheridans without the rimfire bolt.

I drilled a small hole throgh the bolt face into the o-ring groove. Then cut a #22 O-ring and stuffed it through the hole and superglued it into place making sure that it curved straight up. Then cut off some of the excess.

I chose the #22 because I wanted a good curve along with enough length that the o-ring wouldn't pop out of the feed port when cocking. And the O-ring seemed soft enough that it might not break paint.

Gotta say, I'm very pleased with the results.

No rollouts with small paint, and no breaks with my larger paint (would still roll out on occasion). And with the PPS delrin rings, the o-ring fits perfectly in the small gap.
Only down side I've noticed so far is a bit more resistance in the forward pump stroke.

Here's pics of the finished "tongue".

Tried fishing line again. Finding that if I tie the knot correctly I can get it to sit in a curved up position. Using a bit longer line has proven effective in preventing rollouts. Cocking and shooting performance seems to be right on key with the feel of the gun before any mods were done.

I used 15lb test line.

The other benefit to using fishing line is no gluing.

This is what I've found the best results with and what I'd recommend if you decide to do this mod.
Using 4 lines extending from the front of the bolt has proven to stop rollouts without effecting velocity, pump feel etc.
To install the bolt in the gun it's helpful to fold them all into the mouth of the bolt and dry fire once to flip them out into the barrel.

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Very interesting. I had been thinking music wire, but o-ring is a softer material. Nice idea.
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Thanks. I think I might play around with trimming the O-ring down more. Just some fine tuning.
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I'm glad my post got the gears turning for your mod. It's hard to imagine all that along with a paintball fits inside of your barrel....
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Yup. It's working.
I'm going to check consistency over the chrono tomorrow. Unregged Co2 of course.
Then I'll see what the effects on 12 gram shot count are.

Now, I haven't tried any tourney grade paint with this either. Just rec grade stuff. There may be some breakage problems with more brittle paint.

Work in progress....
I originally tried fishing line but couldn't make it consistently curve upwards from the bolt face so I still got some rollouts.

I'd like to try doing 2 fishing lines extending from the face on the sides, kind of like pincers holding the ball.

Sheridan style markers aren't as popular as they used to be.... and if I were doing this on a PGP2 I probably would just drill through the body and do the mod style in your thread.
But, being this is some good PPS brass I'm opting to tinker with the replaceable bolt.

The other concern of this mod....
The friction from the ball touching the O-ring when launched could possibly put some top spin on the ball. Causing it to drop quite a bit. Kind of like a flatline barrel turned upside down.

I'm not 100% sure... I'll try to test for that too.

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Managed to have some success with the fishing line.
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Hmmm. I might have to give this a try.

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So im very curious in this theory as well....Is there any new info on how it turned out before I start experimenting
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The "Tendril" method (last picture) with fishing line has resulted in not one rollout, easy pumping, and velocity as consistent as can be expected with unregged 12 grams.
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I tried this on my PGP. The bolt is flat so I just drilled a tiny hole into the face that ends in the o-ring groove. Seems to work ok with fishing line right now, I haven't got the chance to shoot it yet. Great idea, hopefully this will get my PGP some use.
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