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Originally Posted by FeedTheDogg View Post
If you insist on using an airgun for self defense, at least get a pellet gun with hunting pellets, or hallow points shooting about 500 or more fps. BBs will bounce back if you hit something too solid, like a brick or something, i've had them almost hit me.
BBs bounce ALOT. I once thought it would be fun to shoot a wall with a fully pumped up BB gun(a pump one, obviously) and it bounced off. After several icings to the groin I was back in action...
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Using BB's is ignorant for self defense. Pellets even, will only puncture a bit and just piss them off.

If I dont feel that it could make an angry steer back away from me, then I wouldnt use it in self defense. It's almost sad you have to resort to such these days though...

I like these balls just because they hit with such a blunt force that nobody is going to want to deal with you and however many more you have in a magazine or in your hopper.

I forgot to mention, the plywood thing I mentioned above may be a tad bit exaggerated. The board was kinda old, and we had to strip the 98c before we shot that because it was it was shooting just a tad hot. Even so though, for hitting plywood and leaving dents and cracking the board like it did...just...ouch...

Imagine launching a bunch of these out of one of those grenade launchers that fling 15 balls at you.

And my town...when we get bored, we shoot stuff. Nothing better to do...
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