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If it was a double digit serial number I'd pay that much but not for one that 'high'. I paid about $100 each for my two low serial VMs (131 & 163). Great condition though!
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If Glenn touching a gun raises its value, then me installing a Palmer's LPR, Fatty reg, and Quickswitch 3way on my cocker means he "might" have touched it three times by proxy. Does that mean I can ask three time the value on ebay and expect to get it? By the way I think I just dropped the crack pie and broke it. Oops
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I wish I had that type of influence over inanimate objests by adding tremendous value to simply touching them!!!
Clinton has that touch when it comes to fat chicks, why cant Glenn have a simmilar effect with guns? :P

In all seriousness I could se paying 180-200 for that. Its a very very nice VM, its been to palmers back in the day (may have been tuned as well) has a nice case and extra barrels. THe price is high, but not what I would call Crack pipe high, still high Honestley this would be at a good price for $150 IMHO.

EDIT correction thats a valve tool not an extra barrel.
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I don't want my 'gun' touched by an old man, but that's just my personal views on that...

It may be overpriced, but that's a really nice condition PMI-3. It's even got matching rails.
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Forget it. hit the wrong button
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Reposted with a 220$ buy it now!!
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