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Originally Posted by maloneoni View Post
How bad did they mess it up putting all the junk on it?

If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for it?
(paid $42 total for it)

I got the setup yesterday and proceded to take it apart for rebuilding.

The cylinder is in good shape (needs a new ball detent).
The entire grip assembly is good (needs a new valve).
Grip panels had glue on them and need to be stripped off and repainted.
Good Tasco red dot scope on there.

...and the bad part, the entire barrel assembly is filled with resin, even every screw head, allen screw head and pin are filled with resin. The cylinder pin was removed and that hole filled with resin, with a short plastic nub inserted to hold the cylinder in place. That boxy add-on piece is molded resin onto the barrel assembly. The barrel assembly is totally ruined, no way to clear out all that mess, it's hard as a rock.

Looks like he cut about 1.5" off the part below the barrel in the front (why I'm not sure, since on the Harley Stone gun the piece below the barrel goes all the way to the end of the barrel). Then made a mold for the square piece below the barrel, put the entire barrel assembly in the mold and poured on the resin, it's in every hole, nook and indent. That screw head that shows on the one side of the barrel is actually just resin molded.

So for my $42 I did get a 357/3357 grip frame and a good 3357 cylinder, and a small tasco red dot scope.

Now I need to somehow find a 3357 barrel assembly, so I can put together another complete 3357.
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