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Very stunning Luxe F/S/T

It's a light blue(i think but i know its not pewter) w/black parts.

Has a bit of anno wear, almost not noticeable unless you are LOOKING.

luxe serial number-1211

-Poison Ego X
-Vicious Ego X
-Dye NT- i add 150
These are really the only trades, thanks!

or i will take cash! $1,150obo paypaled(means make me an offer!) Firmshipped!!! usps

The ups/Luxe stuff I have:
*ndz can
*ndz bolt spring modded
*ndz guide rod
*3x oring rebuild kit
*Solenoid(extra noid)
*Luxe board(extra board)
*Stock bolt assembly(comes w/ bolt,can,guide rod)
*vp trigger

*freak inserts*
*693(yes two of them!)
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Upsy Daysee..
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Originally Posted by Hammy of Socal View Post
Its not long.

Its just, these two guys, between them, set me up with a couple pieces of gear because I don't have any. I had no money, and they dug down their gearbags and had the heart to give it to me for free, as of now.

I mean, how often to you meet someone to do that?
From -

so a month ago you had no money, no gear, no guns, now your selling a $1k gun?

I think you've taken advantage of people's kindness and generosity. You started a thread because a friend dropped you for your chronic lying, it's somewhere here. You have been caught lying about your age here and other stuff as well - all here.

Scamming and lying to take advantage of people is worse than trolling - in my mind it's like being a child molester in prison - lowest of the low.
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Originally Posted by Hammy of Socal View Post
*687 [ /QUOTE]
Ha, looks like someone left quote code in while copy/pasting someone elses thread.

Lets see if we can find the thread that was copied.

Carolina Blue Luxe Fs/t!!! - PbNation

Ah there it is!
Way to pull the amature mistake to end all amature mistakes.
Same pics and everything, but different trade offers.

Now, I hope you have a good explaination hammy.
Otherwise enjoy your long, long overdue ban that i'm sure is coming your way one way or another, and go eat **** and die somewhere.

Mods- could you leave this up at least until he attempts to explain himself and so others can see as a warning? Thanks.

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So say we all!
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That might be the same person Party. Both supposidly from California. Though it may as well be another lie, and he could be from Colorado for real.

Either way, an explaination would be nice, but wouldn't neccesarily be the truth....again......
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I knew I didn't like him for a reason..
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I suspect Hammy is one of the people on PBNation trying to sell the marker. One of the threads notes multiple people are trying to sell it.

The two threads Party points to have different prices. One 1,500 the other 1,150. That seems odd to me.
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What seems odd to me is the different trade offers.
I've seen it done before, you claim to be selling a marker "for a friend who doesn't have an account on this forum" then you take the money and run.
And if he really is selling it for someone else, well then you NEED to have that in the first post just like the two guys we know are selling it have on PbN.
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