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Ion and a Bob Long Infamous F/s/t

Like the title sais, i need some stuff sold, and i need it sold fast........ check out the wtb page and look for the forum (any gun your wanting to sell.... literally im open for everything, antique to ego) and then you can see the full scoop of my needs and delima i am now faceing......

but basically to sum it all up, i need a b-day gift for my lil bro and need to sell off two of my guns to get him somthing.

i have an Upgraded ion for sale, and a bob long infamous. pm for questions or pics, but till then....

the ion has a proto barrel, comes with halo b with rip and nitro tank, plus other upps (qev, asa, grip, etc etc.... im wanting $600 obo you pay shipping (i put around $500 into this gun and thats not including the gun, so bump that up to around $700 excluding tax and shipping if you wish.

Next you have the bob long infamous.... its so new, i dont even have it, its being shipped in tomorrow. price of these markers are usually going for $1000-$1200 easily... but before i sell this marker im going to put a few upps ive already purchased into it. in the end (an idea of what its coming with, a new halo b with rip (custom painted) [paint will match the guns colors] and grip will have the same generic idea... new asa, new 68/4500 crossfire nitro, blue rino tank cover (this product has been used with my other gun i own, but its just a tank cover, so no worries for your gun.), and other items. the gun is black with blue parts. wanting $1600 obo including shipping (as i said before, everything is brand new and it has cost me a good deal of money. brand new would mean it would have all cost me a grand total of what im selling it for $1600 which means im coming out clean, i just need this sold).

if you buy both guns, cost will be $2000 strait up and ill pay for shipping.

OBO!!!!!! (seriously, just shoot me an idea of what your wanting and how much your willing to spend). but please dont give me an offer thats unreasonable.

like i said, the money is going for presents at christmas time.... help me sell these guns, please. (tell your friends, or your buddy at the bar, just get these sold)

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all cleaned up good luck with the sales
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way overpriced!
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smells good!
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Originally Posted by paintedtoast View Post
way overpriced!
i have to agree. i priced out new timmies before i picked up my (gently used) infamous... found some on the net for much less. i'm not trying to bag on your thread, but if you are serious about getting these sold to generate some money for xmas, you might want to lower the price. good luck
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