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empire sniper vs. T2 first impressions

I want to my local proshop today where they asked me to tell hem what i thought about the new Empire sniper pump gun that they just got in because i am well know at the field as the "pump guy". I just wanted to share my first impressions you you guys and i am going to compare it to me ccm T2. Now i know the T2 more expensive and some might say that they can't be compared because of the price difference but many people are saying that this will compete with the T2 or S6.5 so that is the gun that i compared it to. Please also keep in mind that i havent put case after case through this gun like i have done with my T2 so it is far from being broken in and results may change over time. I am going to break this down into parts categories to make things a little easier

First impressions: I like how they spaced out the empire sniper. It allows you to easily fit a thumb in between the trigger guard and reg and it is easy to operate the hitman mod.

Pump handle: I absolutely hate the handle on the empire sniper. In order for me to grip it right i had to only use my fingers to hold the pump handle due to the grooves cut out into the handle. I also dont really like the feel of the material on the empire pump. It just feel like a lower grade delrin.

Pump stroke: The T2 does have a better pump stroke but empire sniper does give it a run for it money. both are very light but the t2 is slight lighter. The T2 also has slight less side to side play in it.

Bolt: the empire sniper has oring on the bolt and it is also an opened faced bolt like on the T2. The T2 does have a bigger inlet hole in the bolt

trigger/trigger frame: this is personal preference but i prefer my 86* frame better than the .45 frame on the sniper. the grips on the sniper were absolutely terrible. They made some finger groves and palm swell in the grips but they are entirely to low and dont feel to great but those can also be changed by the consumer. The trigger on the sniper is very short and very crisp which is better that the T2 but i dont really care for the shape of the trigger. I prefer the round shape the the T2 offers and the T2 trigger also has a roller bearing where is contacts the sear and i dont know for sure but it didnt feel like the empire snipe has a bearing.

reg: I like the shape and position of the macroline fitting on the empire snipe better that that of the T2 but i found that over a chrono (shooting marbalizers through the same deadlywinds .687 barrel) the T2 was more consisted but only slightly and this will probably Change once the sniper gets broken in

the asa on the empire snipe blows away the asa on the T2. the sniper offers a simple lever on/off and the asa on the t2 is a simple know style without purge and it is a little stiff to turn which is why im going to replace my asa with a bob long cam drive

feedneck: the leverlock feedneck on the empire sniper is better IMO that the ring clamp style feedneck on the T2. Although the T2 feedneck has more range of adjustability.

The empire sniper come with a barrel kit where as the T2 comes with 1 front and 1 back of your choice and it cost extra for the entire kit. I also dont care for the ccm barrel kit and sold mine to get a deadlywinds barrel. The sniper barrel is also very nice and has some great honing

detent covers:
the t2 does not have any so im not comparing them but i wanted people to know that the detent covers on the sniper are plastic and not metal

craftmenship: ccm blows away all competition when it comes to craftsmenship. the gun just feel solid and well made in your hand and they go the extra step to make everything right. I notice the the empire sniper had both pump arms drilled for an autotrigger and there is no hole for the autotrigger cam on the right side of the trigger frame so this just means that they are drilling all of the pump arms and this lowers its craftsmenship rating from me

Overall: The empire sniper is a good gun and will work just fine but it does feel cheaper and not as well built. The sniper does feel a little light than the T2 but it is not by much. I do prefer the spacing on the sniper but the trigger frame doesnt feel ask nice to me. I also like the customer service that ccm offers. The sniper also only comes in 1 color combo right now and ccm offers anything from solid black to Frankenstein colors.

Conclusion: I think that the best pump gun on the market for the money right now is the CCI phantom. The second best being the T2 (or S6.5, its all preference in look and weight) and yes i know that you may say "how can the t2 be second best for the oney when is starts at $525, well if you have never played with a ccm gun they you can never answer this question. And the third would be the Empire sniper. I think that the sniper is perfect for a first time pump gun owner that is experienced in paint ball and has played pump before with a friend's gun or something so he know that he likes pump and wont be waiting his money. But the T2 or s6.5 would be perfect for the experienced pump player looking to upgrade from a custom cocker pump or other pump gun. The Empire sniper might be considered an upgrade over a custom made cocker pump depending on the parts of that custom pump but it would not be considered the best gun on the market. Although if you want the best then you defiantly have to pay for it

Please keep in mind that these are my opinion and that your opinions may be different
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The sniper has eyes?
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
The sniper has eyes?
*detent covers

fixed now
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Good review, seemed nice and unbiased .
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Originally Posted by Cheers! View Post
Good review, seemed nice and unbiased .
As stated before, I own the T2 and love it but i am trying to be completly unbiased. To be honest. I really did not think much of the empire sniper when i first saw it but i am fortunatly wrong. If someone cant justifie paying that much for a pump gun you can just looks at it like this

the barrel kit is really nice and easily worth $125 so your really only paying $300 for a good little pump gun with a stock class feed
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Thanks Ryan.
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I have had more then 9 CCM S6's in the past(3 years ago). Got out of paintballing and now im back. I didn't want to wait for a T2 to be made for me so I bought a Empire Sniper first. Well after playing with it for a week on 3outings, I must say, it is an awsome pump gun. Yes, the pump arm is not as smooth as the CCM's but when playing you don't really notice it. The barrel kit is awsome and the sniper shoots very accuratly. I like the added spacing for your hand when using the hitman. Some say that this is an entry lvl pump marker but you know what, I can run this marker with anybody that has a CCM and do the same in any pump tourny.

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I agree, it can definetly run with the best, But I found the body scratches amazingly easy? I'm pretty soft on my guns and the sniper would get scratches from anything
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