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Originally Posted by 300z View Post
So that is my new question? Are any of you willing to play at velocities err energies like that with appropriately certified headgear?

I probably would. i dont think broken ribs or any significant damage would occur to anything other than the head. I would be surprised if those increases would result in concussion risks either, having been hit in the head at speeds similar to that.

My only other question is - how would this kind of increase in energy translate to distance? Can anyone put this in perspective? I imagine this would be a more complex calculation, so just throw out an opinion if you have one!
we routinly ran .43 at well over 500 fps (no face cover other than balistic googles) results= welts no worse than normal (the only time the hits where worse was with powder, as the shells do not break on the seam and so more energy was transfered to end users, and point blank hits...did sting a lot), rubber rounds (ok its not paint) will go through dry wall at 400 fps (ok no surprise) but even in the bad old days .68 running at 400 fps .62 running at 500 fps the hits where no worse, (and remember this was in the days of shop goggles and uvex if you had the money) yes i do belive in order for the game to move forward a fps rule had to be introduced, but it was poorley thought out, based on rumour and the ability of one gun manufacture to corner the market buy removing other calibre paint. The maths dosent lie a .62 round travelling 340 fps has equal or less energy than a .68 travelling a 300fps, I would play any time with markers running higher than normal speeds, (within reason....i wouldnt like to see a return to 400fps .68 espically in to days enviroment of multiple hits,) but a .43, .50, .62 above 300 is not an issue IMOP......end of rant, sorry just read your bit about concusion, i have seen guys knocked out with .68 (running under 300fps) every time i saw it, it was a combination of hard paint (which is the real issue ) and hitting just the right spot on the side of the temple, i would think intodays world of better face protection the chances are a lot lower.
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