Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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Scharfshutze's Feedback

IF you have dealt with me, please leave a response here...

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Did a trade with him. Went smooth and easy. Would trade again with him if the opportunity arised. Good luck Scharfshurtze with your future dealings.
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Scharfshutze's helped me greatly with my first deal on MCB. He was in frequent contact with me and helped me through the sale. I would encourage others to deal with him as well. I shipped first and he was prompt to pay upon reciept of the gear.
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I recently sold him a CP reg and traded slider frames with him. Very smooth deal and great communication all the way! Hope to do some more deals down the road.
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Scharfshutze and I traded markers. Smooth transaction and a great trade. I shipped first and he shipped the day after. I would deal with him again.
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Made 2 different purchases from me.
Once for a pump kit, spring kit, and Shocktech Phat hammer and another time for a slider frame, grip, and bolt. He paid fast and has had great communication.
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Exemplary buyer. Paid when he said he would, and a pleasure to deal with overall.
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Great seller. bought a gun off of him and everything went smooth. Came fast once shipped, and worked great when it got here. Amazing communication, do not hesitate to deal with.
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Today was about as good as it gets when you set out to let go of a piece that you nurture from the ground up to someone whom you may have only known from a PB forum such as I did with Scharfshutze.
How's that! You might ask?
Well we met at a local indoor field to us (Monster), and each of us got to try before we concluded the swap.
Needles to say, we both walked happily off the field at the end of the day.
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this guy right here might be the best MCB-er on the block. everything went well
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