Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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He suckered me into buying more stuff from him... j/k!

1 more sportshot hopper+2 atomic elbows+APP cigar pouch.


Andry : )

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Bought a trigger shoe and barrel condom, was good stuff and fast shipping (and I live in Canada). Thanks!
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Just nabbed a Sportshot hopper off of him. Got it promptly as described. Good communication as well. Definitely a satisfactory transaction! Thumbs up!
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Friendly messages and quick responses. He stayed up nice and late to communicate with me until the transaction was completed. Nice guy, shipped the following morning/day after I had payed. Got here pretty quick too (although it was in a TP roll!! )

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Great guy, friendly and reliable...

Ordered some lenses from him and he shiped quick and was in constant communication.

Good trader.
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Purchased a couple of sportshot hoppers and some pods from Titus. Shipping was prompt and service was good. Thanks.
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Good seller! Item shipped fast and was as described at a fair price. I would not hesitate to do business with Titus in the future.
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Great guy!

Always helpful on the forums and has some great deals. Bought a couple of trigger shoes from him and was happy all around with the transaction.
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Great guy, was patient with me even after delaying shipping his stuff out for a while. Great communication, would definitely do business with him again.

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bad Experience

Titus has been spamming Doc's forums with bad feedback about a disputed transaction. So, I'll post up about my experience with titus here.

I bought an autococker from titus, for a friend. I can work a cocker pretty well, to say the least. My first, I got used and broken, and had it operational with 10 dollars in parts and 40 minutes.

I bought a 99, RF, with a blue ANS pneumatic set, and a LP chamber. He sent it "as-is" (his favorite term apparently), but stated that before posting it for sale, he aired it up, and it held air fine. I receive it, screw in a tank, and lose half the tank out the LPR. I'm mad, but I remove the LPR and throw on a spare Jackhammer 2. Minus 20 bucks. I air it up again, and the three way is now shooting most of my air. I check the timing, get it timed, air it back up, and still blowing air. Replace the three-way. Minus 20 bucks. Now, it's timed, it's got a good LPR, and I test again. Won't cock, no matter what LPR setting. Check the lower tube, hammer and spring are rusted. Chemically strip the rust, polish the hammer back up. Replace the valve seat, which was also leaking (had to buy a valve tool, minus another 10 bucks), put in some kit springs and the polished hammer, and it STILL won't cock. Tear the ram down, and it looks like the o-ring inside had been greased with either vaseline or brake fluid. Stretched like silly putty, and was wrapped around the shaft. Replace the ram. Minus 10 bucks.

So now I'm at minus 60 dollars, conservatively, as I got most of the parts used. It "held air" he said, but leaked from the LPR, valve, and 3-way. It doesn't even require a pull of the trigger to notice that. I email him, he's "strapped for cash after an ugly divorce". Oh really? Then stop buying paintball stuff. At least, refund me 60 dollars of my money. I doubt I'd pay more than 40 bucks for a 99 spec cocker body with a frame, even on eBay. And on this one, I basically paid 100 for just those parts. I had to replace almost every seal or part.

I email Titus, several times. Eventually he says, I'll give you what I can. 12 dollars, via paypal. Considering I spent 5 hours working on this little monster, 60 in parts that would have been twice as expensive new, and endured some serious flak from this guy that "I sold it as-is", I think I deserved more than 12 dollars. I think the BBB should be knocking on Titus's door, not Doc Nickel's.

Never again will I buy from Titus. And, I have an order in with Doc, that I've been waiting for a while on, and I don't care. At least it will work when I get it.
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