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I'm with you on the pudginess and have only recently started slimming up. What I got to work for me was a decreased caloric intake (try to keep it at 1600-1800 calories depending on how physically demanding your day is), lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and a daily multivitamin in the morning.

Workout wise, whenever I wake up I do 30 push ups, sit ups, and a 30 second supported hand stand to start off my day then have breakfast. My workout is split into 2 different days to keep muscle confusion going; weight days are M/W/F in which I run ~2 miles (never really measured it), do a body weight routine of two sets of 5 exercises 3 times each, then go rock climbing. "Rest" days are T/Th, which consist of only swimming 15 laps (10 laps w/fins [5 of those are freestyle, other 5 are backstroke], 5 remaining laps without fins freestyle).

Protein as needed throughout the day and after each workout. Stick to it and don't sweat it if you skip up on a workout a week or mess up your diet once. Good luck!
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The words "under-eating" and "over-eating" mean absolutely nothing if you dont know how many calories you are consuming. If you actually count for one day your normal meals you will actually be surprised on how HIGH it will be.

Personally I would suggest weightlifting over cardio for weight loss but cardio is still good for stamina. A weightlifting activity can continuously burn calories for 24+ hours after a workout, cardio will just burn calories for a couple hours after a workout.
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You really need to do both. Cardio will help burn fat, but weightlifting is also important in order to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more there is to actually burn up calories.

Cardio is also important in order to keep up you VO2 Max and stamina (good for paintball!)
Weightlifting will ensure that you wont tire out as fast, (also good for paintball cuz you can hold your gun up longer!)

It is possible to do both at the same time. High intensity work outs that use a lot of push ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats, thrusters, plank, whatever all done one after the next (ie, one set of push ups, move strait into sit ups, strait into rest in between...then back to push ups...) will keep your heart rate way up and act as cardio at the same time. As a bonus they all work your core muscles, which will inturn provide a solid base for your outer muscles and when the fat begins to trim away you will be left with a hot 6 pack!

I also throw in skipping after every few sets to keep the heart rate up, it is supprising how much of a work out skipping is. There is a reason boxers do it!

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