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Fear the Dog!
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My Above the Ground Pool Rant!!

Man, talk about a bad day, yesterday I finally got off my butt to put up the pool for the boys, granted its nothing spectacular but the boys sure enjoy it!
(5 & 6yr olds) Its 16ft round/3.5-4ft deep!

Bought it new last year, took care of it, packed it away safe and sound during winter, get it out this year and what a disaster!!

First off, I inflated the ring, what do you know-it has a leak I cannot find!

Next started filling it up, (it holds about 14-15k gallons)

Walking around I find 2 small punctures leaking water-
Patch them up!
As the pool begins to fill more and more, my son spots several more leaks, WTF?

This thing is only a year old, and it looking like a piece of swiss cheese, are these things that cheap? Holy hell I know we didnt pay that much, but still-
has anyone had this happen to them?

I feel so bad for my boys, they were so excited that it was going up, but now its become such a headache!

Lessons learned-walmart + made in China = childhood disappointment!
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smells good!
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that sucks... still, sounds like less of a hassel than my in-ground pool
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what stimpy said
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Im sorry, but I kinda laughed. It is rather comical if you think about it. It seems like something that would be on Malcolm in the Middle
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Fear the Dog!
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I must say yesterday I was pretty pissed, today I'm over it! Well last night after the BBQ and some beers I was over it but man it sucked!
What can you do?

Laughter at other peoples expense-Priceless!
"Nothing Personal, Its Just Business"
SGT/USMC 1991-1999 Semper Fi

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Buzz Killington
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Sorry about the pool... But it is funny, lol. Like something out of loony toons... XP
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Whats your boggle?
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I know the feeling, every year my mother enlists my "help" in setting up a pool in her backyard.


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Do you still have the pool?

Try using patches for tires. They won't match the color of the pool but they are very effective.
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Guilty of being delicious
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Fan of EMR
Is it bad I could fallow the rant by only looking at the smilies (or in your case disappointmenties)?
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I've porked many
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Cut up said offending inflate a pool and chuck it. When I had one of those it was easier and less hassle just to replace it yearly.
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Give in to the Night
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Intex pools suck like that man. We have people who own them come into our shop all the time looking for parts, and we have to shrug and say sorry. They are completely silly with how they set everything up, and are such a waste of money
Standard AG fittings for pools are 1 1/4 and 1 1/2. Intex makes 1 3/8
The pump/filter skidpack that comes with it is too small for the pool to actually function properly. You cannot run a suction side vaccume, just have to use the friggen leafbagger thing that they give you

Hint if you every buy another one (besides not buying intex), Leave it up. Dont drain it, just cover the sucker. Thats how you can find most of the problems before they develop
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