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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Refrigerated underwear is the way to go and it will even up your sperm count Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search
I like how there's an ad for soft wood right under that article.
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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2(X)IST Boxer Briefs : Mens Underwear |

and Green gold bond.

Also a little trimming of the hedge, you will be so money.

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Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull****" is my motto
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Point towards offending heat, open valve.

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Slider shorts. Great for athletic activity. Wear them all time when rolling (brazilian jiu jitsu.) I gotta deal with sweaty crotches all the time.
Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Someone finally realized that I unbanned cockerpunk many many moons ago.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
YOU MOTHER****ER!!!!! That was one of my best bans ever!!!!
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Castration? You don't need balls anyway, and as long as you keep a Popsicle stick and 2 rubber bands on your nightstand, your gf will never know the difference.
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This tread is full of win... and a few laughs


Commando is great, just gotta be cautious in public(be sure you have your concealed carry license if have one LOL)

Monkey powder is a good one

Light manscaping or you can just go all out until you look like a Ken doll, naked mole rat or whatever

Or combine all three of the above : P

Personally I like what under armor offers and the slider shorts

It's ubber hot here in S. Texas
especially summer 100+ easy

Other idea is to either play in the morning or late evening if the field opens early/closes late, only downside is you don't get you full day of play if that's what you want

I played at a field that used to open at 7:00am and close at 8:00pm
only during summer though, and they were indoor but no AC or fans
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Originally Posted by WickedKlown2 View Post

Plus This ( Under Armor Slider Shorts that have areo mesh in the groin )


I hope that helps


This is exactly the combination I used last summer at Pump Pandemonium.

Result - no swamp *** or monkey butt.
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Originally Posted by d4rksabre View Post
Everyone keeps recommending powders, but what do your significant others have to say about it?

Sure, I'd like to be less swampy, but I'm not sure how my girlfriend would feel about the baby powder smell (among other things).
Wash your junk before you get it close to your significant other, unless she is into man stink.
If meat is murder, I'll have a beer with the murder please.

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Underarmor is the unofficial sponser of iraq/afghanistan because EVERYONE wears the underwear and undershirts out there. Its how the company got super popular.

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Originally Posted by storminnorman View Post
I don't sweat I just leak awesomeness so I cant help you.

Under armor shorts are worth their weight in gold (which is probably pretty close to what they cost). They last a lot longer than normal boxers too - I have a pair that is several years old and it's just getting worn out.

As for color...I'm pretty sure color only affects how much energy is absorbed through light and released as thermal energy. So the color of your boxers doesn't matter.
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