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cartoons from childhood

Was just thinking of cartoons on tv from when I was a young pup.
They were 7-8 minutes long, politically incorrect, and didnot push some sort of toy line.
Tom and Jerry from the 40's are my favorites and this one, is on the top of the list.
I remember it as"Is you is are is you ain't my baby" episode, but it is called "Solid Serenade".
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I remember before TV was color, and at that age I was only interested in cartoons.
Everything from Kimba the White Lion to Popeye, Tom & Jerry to Bugs/Roadrunner. Baby Huey, Casper & Wendy, Woody Woodpecker, Atom Ant, Mighty Mouse, Go-Go-Gophers, Klondike Kat, Deputy Dog...So many more I can't recall.

Aah, memories. Thanks for bringing them back.
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the old tom and jerrys and disney movies had some of the best damn jazz music
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Fred Quimby was the best....Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Droopy....ah so many more great toons.

Love those classics.

Have to say though some of my later favorites included this guy

And is still the best Spidey cartoon ever
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I was actually really disappointed when I watched the new GI JOE movie and it didn't end in a PSA.

Most of the cartoons for kids now are garbage.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Originally Posted by Pyrate Jim View Post
wow, that takes me back. you just made me remember popeye and his burger eating friend too, although i'm probably nowhere as old as you. i definitely got to watch the same cartoons you did tho, astro boy, kimba, so on.
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What was that cartoon back in the day with the guy who had the sidekick named "grovel" and he would say "grovel" and the guy would start grovelling and he would be like "GET UP".




"GET UP!!!"

still makes me laugh but I have NO clue what show it was from...
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oh wait i got one.

duck tales.
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I remember getting up early on Saturday morning because it was the only time you got to watch cartoons.
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