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very true, i was thinking about getting a flash light on the pistol bc my buddy has a flashlight that also has a strobe light setting which i thought was very interesting.
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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
are you serious?! that makes no sense to me. i would have thought that both would be the same process to obtain the permit. Just out of causticity, what do the police officer shoot?
It's easier because you can't conceal a shot gun. (yes I know you can make it sawed off but those are illegal) You still have to go through the background check and finger printing etc for a firearms ID card. You just don't need another "pistol permit" to get rifles and shot guns in NJ.

New Jersey is a ****ed up state if you want to own firearms.

Currently 15 round mags are the highest capacity you're allowed for a pistol in NJ.

Police shoot whatever they want or whatever their district tells them they have to use. Most police will use .40 or larger calibers for their main sidearm.

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Find a reputable range, most have courses for new gun owners and take some new owner/safety classes. One it with help introduce you to firearms and safe handling and two the side benefit is you will get the chance to handle various firearms without having to buy them.

Also many ranges allow you to rent firearms. This is a good way to find out what feels right to you. Like in my case I've bought several Glocks [17, 19, 21, 22, 26] and have ended up selling every one of them. Not because they are bad guns, actually they all were excellent guns IMO, but they just never felt good in my hands. Just the opposite is the 1911 variants, to date I have only sold one of my 1911, which I happen to regret, and that is mostly because they feel "right" in my hand.

In general with firearms you get what you pay cheap and you get a cheap gun. There are some exceptions or potential exceptions to this but the general premiss is sound.

If you get a handgun or any firearm at that practice and practice often handling and shooting the gun. Especially if your intent is self defense as when it gets to be time to need it you want to be operating on good established instinct and muscle memory. If you are not going to practice save a boat load of money and buy a bat, it'll be more useful.

P.S. study and understand the gun laws in your area, it will save you lots of headaches in the long run

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Check out the kimber line. They make beautiful 1911's.
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I would also advise against a gun mounted light. With a gun mounted light, you have to aim the gun at whatever you are looking at, in a high stress situation, that is not the best thing to be doing. It also tells the potential bad guy where to shoot. Get a good tactical flashlight and learn to use it in conjunction with you gun.
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Originally Posted by p-bpat View Post
Check out the kimber line. They make beautiful 1911's.
Beautiful but overpriced for what they are.

If you want a REALLY GOOD M1911 that's also pretty, Wilson Combat is your go-to.

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Originally Posted by p-bpat View Post
Check out the kimber line. They make beautiful 1911's.
I'd be careful and go with a used but good condition slightly older one. I've heard their stuff has quality control and tolerance issues over the past few years.

That said, I have an older one I picked up as used that is freekin' awesome.
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i will say this its better to try out a gun before you buy it. since not every one hands the same size. and what feels great to one person might not feel great another. by trying out the guns you get feel on what you like. also comes down to what Crimson Death said too. since that will have to be taken into. since each state has there own rules. to me i was glad to try out different guns so i can get feel what works best for me.
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I always recommend starting out with a .22 as a first firearm. It's cheap enough to shoot A LOT to become familiar with, and they tend to be very accurate for plinking. Plus, they're just plain fun. $15 will buy you a 500-round brick of bullets, and you can shoot all day long. My recommendations:

Ruger Mk. series
Browning Buckmark
Beretta U22 Neos
Ruger Single Six
Heritage Rough Rider (can be had for less than $100)

Once you get used to it and are comfortable with handguns, then you can move up to something centerfire.

(The other option is to buy a 1911 or a Glock, slap on a .22 conversion slide, and then you have both options in one package.)
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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Ruger Mk. series
Browning Buckmark
Beretta U22 Neos
Ruger Single Six
Heritage Rough Rider (can be had for less than $100)
Murf beat me to it...
I'd add a s&w 22a to that list.
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