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Annoying cat toys

My sister just got a cat and Christmas is coming up. I have an actual gift for her, but would love to get the most annoying this possible that her cat would like.

Let me know what you guys have had!
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That really depends on the cat. All of mine were/are more or less 'meh' towards the typical store bought toys. Wads of paper, tin foil, bottle caps (both plastic and metal) laser pointers and the light reflecting off my watch crystal were all the greatest things EVAR!!!!

Of course there's always cat nip........
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No one likes a dirty slot lol.
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cat won't leave the keyboard anytime she has to type
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im with henous on that one my cat is total keyboard whore but only when i have to write papers.
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This isn't toys for annoying cats?

How about something with lots of bells?
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you can't be too obvious going about this
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get a laser pointer. since cat will want to follow it.
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Get a bag of feeder crickets from the pet store. Used to be a buck for a dozen or so large ones or about 20 small ones. Let loose, and delight as the cat hunts and eats them, as your sister is grossed out both by loose crickets and the crunchy sound they make when chewed.
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Oh no.
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how about a puppy that likes to play with the cat?
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