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One hand opening; anything by Kershaw or Spyderco. I'm about to go into my 3rd decade of carrying Kershaw's but when I'm down at the field I clip a Spyderco Ambitious in my front pocket. If you have time to open it look at Swiss Army Knives. If you need a light just pickup a keychain light LED fob.
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There is no good answer for the OP, it really depends on the user and what/how the user is going to use the pocket knife. My everyday pocket knife is about as basic as you can get and does its job well. I find uses for it all day every day at work and at home. I could carry a more impressive knife but it does its job, is small and lightweight. On top of that if I was to lose or destroy it life will go on without a big hole in my heart or my wallet.

For me this is what I currently carry:

For everyday use [I literally carry this knife everyday in my right pocket] SCH340TW: [SCHRADE Old Timer Custom Middleman Desert Ironwood Handle]:

Working around the house/shop/yard [Ken Onion Vapor]:

I've had both the Old Timer and the Ken Onion for years and years. Keep them sharp and do not use them for things they were not meant for. If I need something heavier I go get something heavier [usually just a walk to the car or truck since I keep tools in both]

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I use a Kershaw Drone for my EDC. Gonna upgrade to the Leek or the Skyline.
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$8 I've never broken one and they hold an edge great.
Gerber 22-06050 Folding Blade Pocket Knife 2"

$11 This one is great also. The only problems I have with mine is I keep leaving it in my pocket because it's so small, and You need a screwdriver to replace the blade.
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~$20 This ones a little bulkier but I've been happy with it too.
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This is the one I carry...sorry, it's an automatic lol

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I've been carrying a very simple dual blade Swiss Army knife, (Real one, not a knock off with cheap steel) for more than a decade now. Biggest reason I like it is that it is a simple, smooth and rounded knife when folded, which makes it very easy on pockets for every day wear.

I'm sure I'm eventually going to lose it to air port security, as it is always in my pocket from when I wake up in the morning. At night everything goes from the pockets to a bowl, then in the morning I get dressed and everything goes from the bowl to the new pocket. Surely it is going to slip my mind at some point.

I've actually been trying to come up with a decent belt knife and utility tool kit that would work well for every day carry. I really want a far larger blade for some things now and then, and something that effectively carries things like decent screw drivers and the like in a way that actually works and it easy to use. (Possibly space for the phone and wallet too). Tempted to centre the whole tool set around a khukuri, as they seem like such useful tools. Sadly I can't find a decent quality utility blade for a reasonable price. Most seem like cheap knock offs of the concept, or over priced gaudy things trying to be collector items. Is a fullered blade with sanely designed tang and no furnishings so much to ask for?
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I carry this, I know its not what you are looking for but its a great knife for under $40.00 switchblades,italian stilettos,otf automatic knives,automatic knife,fixed blade knives,switchblade knives,BUTTERFLY KNIVES,STUN GUNS,THROWING KNIVES,BATONS,SELF DEFENSE - Smith & Wesson Viper Flip Knife - (Powered by CubeCart)

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This one
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You are aware that the knife you linked to is illegal in Canada, can be taken by customs at the boarder (if ordering more), and you can be charged for owning it, right? (I personally don't care if someone wants to ignore the law on that issue, just as long as they are aware.)

Also illegal in a lot of other places as well, so check your local laws as they would apply to you before spending any amount of money on a knife. Always sucks to order a cool and interesting blade only to find out it gets you charged the first time you pull it out in public.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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I carry CRKT. Have been using the M-16 EDC's for a few years now. I prefer the clip point to a Tanto, no serrations.
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