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Redneck suppressor
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If there's one thing I've noticed in living in Texas my whole life, it's VERY hard to suppress rednecks...

(I LOVE Hickok's vids.)
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Hickok is the man, thats pretty awesome
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That's pretty neat. I been thinking it over, but my mare's leg feed's .22 short and there quieter than most pelet gun's in it. Yeah I lose a lot of fps shooting them, but I didn't pay a 200.00 tax. There's a video of the econo can guy, he say's firing .22 out of it you could get thousands of shot's off one can.
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Originally Posted by Deathwish_DW View Post
Become a gun whore.


It pays very well.
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wow this is actually pretty cool
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Originally Posted by Ratzo View Post
this is so ridiculous i can't believe he didn't giggle more.
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I looked into one of those but went with an actual suppressor. I have that Rifle he was shooting. It's a Savage FV-SR and I LOVE it!

Oh, and I can't help but wonder if the db reduction wouldn't be even greater if he shot through one "wet".
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That's just cool that something as simple as an oil filter can suppress sound that much. I was surprised at how quiet that pistol was.

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yes he found good idea. but in some states they are to legal to own. with that said what cool video.
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