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I worked at that mill from '83-99!
Yep 06-07 winter sucked!

Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Yes sir, it was actually at the old paper mill off base. Awful time. I have noticed the winters trending more to the warmer side even the last couple years I was there.

2006 was a bad winter that's for sure. I lived off base in Copenhagen and couldn't get to work for over 2 weeks because of snow.
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don't believe me?

spend some time with my ex.......
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
0 Kelvin

don't believe me?

spend some time with my ex.......
Ha! That is about the same for me, except I'm still sharing the bed.
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Well, here in Florida I had something below freezing at say 28 or mid 20's at Camp Blanding. Again at Blanding we had what felt like 110 in the shade... It was HOT

I've been up to Vermont during winter and it was down to something like -10 to -20 a few times.

Last night it was down to low 40's but it's 63 outside now... haha!
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-40F/-40C (including wind chill)...during a mountain survival course with the military. Slept on the snow & in snow caves we made. I'd camped for years in the winter, but that was the absolute coldest I've ever felt. Frost bite on the tender bits while taking a piss was a genuine concern.
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