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AVG is a rip off

Be warned !!!! Avg anti- virus is a total bunch of thieves! I tried the free version and that was ok but as soon as I bought the home version it stopped working and all I got was pop-up's to buy more. So after buying the up grade package all I got was more pop-ups and a upgrade reminder that my trial version was going to expire. I had to shut down the computer to get rid of the reminder. After letting customer support muck around via remote link it still didn't work. So I go for a refund and all I got was a run around. out right lies and a suggestion I buy this other up grade.So finally they tell me that since it's been more then 30 days since purchase I can't get even a pro rated refund for the total 2 yr protection plan I bought. So it doesn't matter if it ever worked or not I'm screwed. So protect yourselves and spread the word. They will lie and procrastinate then screw you. Out right thieves!
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I have been using AVG free for atleast 8 years. I've been virus free and love the product. Remembering to click the free version when the updates come out is a small price to pay for a free virus blocker. Sorry you had trouble with them, but I love em!

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I agree with maggot - Love em, have not had a virus or problem with them at all.
Avast is another good one that is free and have not had a problem with them either.
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If you downloaded AVG from any site other than their own, you will have problems. Their free version gets picked up and modified from other nefarious sites.
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Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
If you downloaded AVG from any site other than their own, you will have problems. Their free version gets picked up and modified from other nefarious sites.
True story- Just a few weeks ago my wife called me at work, says she needs a spreadsheet program.

So I tell her, type "open office download" into google, and click the first link that pops up.

I ASSUMED the first link would be the Apache or Libreoffice... but I get a call back in a few hours that the laptop has a full blown infection. The first link was for a "modified" version of OpenOffice, with added spyware, malware, etc.

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I've been using the AVG free version for many years without a single problem.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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AVGfree is good, but I switched to avast! for my parents because avast! has a silent/gaming mode. No popups, so I don't get calls from my dad asking about them every few weeks.
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People still pay for AV?
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Most people run Windows 7, and if you are one of those people - use Microsoft Security Essentials. It is made by the only people who have a true vested interest in making it as good as they can. The more it protects you, the better it makes Windows look. Other companies don't really have a reason to work as hard as they can once they have your money.

Best part is that it is free (but make sure you get it from the microsoft website).
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I don't bother with pro-active scanners. Most of them stink.

First: Lock down your browser. Don't automatically run javascript, only run it on trusted sites. I do the same for flash. It's a pain at times, but it keeps me from getting viruses.

Then I just use Malwarebytes to clean up anything that may get through. I don't get them with my locked down browser (I unlock it on "safe" sites), but I'll use malwarebytes to clean up other peoples computers. Highly recommend it.

I used to use AVG a long time ago but stopped as I found better programs.
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