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Brass and Wood Fan
Spyders and automags

In real steel, its older WW2 era rifles and pistols
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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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Originally Posted by moonweasel View Post
I have no idea what you are talking about
Duuuude that's a new level of sickness. Wow.

For me I don't really hoard one particular type of paintball gun... I like them all so I hoard them all.

Real steel is about the same with a slight edge to revolvers.
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Ions. I have only two but want more for some reason.
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****ing impulses man...
The irony isn't lost on me.

Id buy them impulsively. Then sell the same.
Then regret it.

Finally, I just said screw it and kept them even though I don't use them. I just know I'll miss them when they're gone. Except gameface... I don't even keep those for some reason.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Mag fed....

Keep buying. Then selling when I remember I hate them.
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I have owned so many of them...
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I'm back up to 6. I found one when I was unpacking my gear to play for the first time in a year
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PGP's and all sheridan type stock class guns

all other guns
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Originally Posted by trueblue View Post
Zeus based pistols. Always looking, especially for an all blue Core ZX. I seem to find them after they're gone.
Automags, minimags, just mags in general. I was at 1 that I owned, along with my 2 pistols, from a long ways back up until about the beginning of February. Now I am up to 8 with enough spare parts to put together 2-3 more less the valves.

Trueblue, Ill be sure to hide my Core ZX if I ever come around you. Its pictured up in the sidearm thread.
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It took years, but I finally kicked my mag addiction. Then my phantom. Now it is just real steel in general.
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