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Originally Posted by netsurferdude2 View Post
In all seriousness, don't do stupid ****. You've made it 18 years without dying, keep up the good work.
It's not hard to stay alive until 18 when the education system is pretty much incarceration meant to contain you until then

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Just realized i can actually go to the store and buy paintballs and 12 gram co2 . Probably gunna be the most exciting thing I do today.

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I got drunk but back then the drinking age was 18.

"Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." -Sophocles

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Get a small boat loan, buy a boat, and "dock" at the closest body of water to whatever college you're going to. Bonus points if you can bike to your classes or walk to a bus stop easily.

Get a gym membership for free showers and wifi. Bonus points if there is a nice cheap eatery near by for all your meals.

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Originally Posted by killerito View Post
In CA what fun stuff can you do when you turn 18 ? Birthdays tommarrow need ideas.
Isn't it more a question of who you can do when you turn 18?
If at first you don't succeed set fire to something. It probably won't help but it will make your failure more festive. Almost a celebration.

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Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
Isn't it more a question of who you can do when you turn 18?
no one under 18 in california

California Statutory Rape Law; Penal Code 261.5 Unlawful Sex w/a Minor
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Originally Posted by Deus Machina View Post
Be tried as an adult!

Savage. :rofl:
Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Step 1: plant trees
Step 2: wait
No bunkers necessary, and your yard will look lovely!
Originally Posted by TehSpiff View Post
so i super durped and there was no oring on the top i dont know why i though there was lol

Now that i have said that on the internet it will never be forgotten X_X
Originally Posted by moonweasel View Post
48 weeks.
Hang your head in shame, you missed it. It was magnificent.
10 hail Chads and caress the nearest paintball gun in penitence.
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
just enlist - travel, see the world, meet exotic new people
enlist - travel, see the world, meet exotic new people and kill them..!

Join up , best advice.. 2nd keep track of all the names you have slept with. **** still wakes me up in the middle of the night when I remember one...

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Originally Posted by paintzapper View Post
Pfft! This is MCB, not some shabby paintball forum.

I would say you could buy a rifle and/or go to the range, but you live in CA and I don't know your laws off the top of my head.

- Open a bank account with just your name in it

- Get a credit card and start building interest (just like others are saying) I only use mine for gas, groceries, general home/vehicle/health maintenance. You don't pay interest if you pay your card off in full before the due by date. I have never paid interest the entire time I have had my card, my credit score is also better than my parents

- Start looking for places you want to work and/or focus future education and interests in learning so you can move forward in that direction.

- Donate blood/platelets/plasma/double red blood cells and collect your cookies and juice

- Go skydiving and/or bungee jumping

- Gamble/buy lotto tickets (is that allowed in CA?)

- Purchase "adult merchandise"

- Buy nitrous oxide, just don't kill too many brain cells

- Start up a savings plan for retirement, no buying a bunch of paintball gear isn't the same thing.

Bucket list updated.
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