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UPS not going to go there!!! Besides dhl ran a fork thru a skid of paint one time.Thank god it didn't bust any paint.
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I had a moonitor shipped fedex ground once, arrived in millions of little pieces. A call to the manufacturer to get a quote for replacement, and tehn a call to fedex netted me a check that they delivered in 2 days.

And I did have a bit of trouble with shipping my old Panther through them, it was decided by the driver to not drop it off because no one was home at 4 when they tried. Its my office, and im usually there till 5:30, and someone is always there till 4... that was solved with another upset call.

In the years i have dealt wih them, those were my only issues.

DHL and UPS... tons more headaches. Fedex Express? best dam service i have ever had.
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I had a Priority package pull a disappearing act. It had been shipped and post marked January 14 (or so.... middle of January at any point), and finally around April 15 it hit my mailbox. I had allready gotten a refund from the person I purchased it from, so I asked her if she wanted it back. She cracked up at this point and said to keep it since the USPS was so fond of it.

I was unimpressed. Another chick I worked with used to be a clerk and delivery person for the USPS. Appearntly the main difference between priority and first class, is that priority goes in the big yellow mail bag.
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No more Fed Ex for me either, UPS either. USPS has always treated me right.
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I will never ever ever use fed ex again last year I had many court dates cause fed ex delivers to who ever they feel like.

I had three packeges worth over 200 each get sent to the wrong address
and 1500 later in lawyer fees and other random stuff

i still dont have my stuff

never ever ever
cant go wrong with ups
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I resign myself to taking a half day off work if someone sends me a package UPS or Fed-ex. if i don't and have to pick it up, its a half day off work anyway. Fed-ex though always takes twice as long to ship, is never cheaper and I have had a lot more problems with them with damage, misplaced and returned packages.
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As a rule, I only ship USPS. If it's something like a gun, it's insured for value, and always goes priority.

That way if there's a problem, I know who I can go rage at.
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at work we've had all sorts of bad times with Fedex express as well as ground... one time they lost a whole VME Chassis that was getting over nighted... where do you put something like that where you can't find it? Then NASA had to delay a Shuttle launch because a track radar had gone out and they needed a part. when you call them and say we don't care how much it costs we need this part there tomorrow you'd thing they call out their A-team, but no it still took two days... i think USPS, UPS, and FedEx had an equal number of problems if you deal with one enough you'll find out.
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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
Fed Ex Ground is the old RPS, the ups "competitor" that nobody has heard of because they sucked so bad that they only had something like 3% of the market.

I've heard the same thing with other folks. Seems like FedEx Ground isn't a really good way to send stuff.

Fed EX is bad Fed Ex ground makes them look good because they really really stink.
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Fed Ex shipped my correctly addressed package from a member here to another state. LOng story short, it was "out for delivery" in California, problem is I live in Colorado. Fed ex sucks, UPS is okay at best. USPS is bar far the best service all around. Avoid DHL like they were the plauge, after waiting to speak with the guy (who turned out to ba manager) at the counter, I was told to hury it up becuase he was expecting a call. Then the driver told me she didnt deliver the package because my address didnt exist (no one else seems to have trouble finding me) Then when I picked up the package to inspect it I got yelled at becuase "I needed to sign for it first" Its a wonder I kept me cool.

USPS all the way
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