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Originally Posted by super-cameron View Post
Looks much better than the last. Hope it lives up to the comics.
At this point, i would be freaking shocked and amazed if they got it anywhere close to being right. How does the old saying go? "Fool me once, shame on you..."

That hanging on a rope scene with 2 guns looked beyond gay.
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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
...unlike Batman he's not even uber-rich so he can't afford gadgets and tech-savvy minions.
Eh? What about micro? Did you ever read the War Journals? He always seemed to be pretty well supplied to me at least
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I'm sadly not looking forward to this
after seeing the previous one, I was happy. I liked Tom Jane, but as I remember reading months ago, he just couldn't stick with the project since they couldn't work out a good script in good time. Guess it just didn't work out for him, which is a shame cause I enjoyed it.

The idea seems ok, but it'll be all up to the delivery. Going to NY, good. Adding Microchip, good. Changing actors yet again, not so good. But ya, it looks like its gonna be more like a senseless over the top action movie than what the previous film was made. I loved how it was more realistic and gritty and next to no CGI. The shot of him hanging from the ceiling conjured horrible memories of Hitman for me

*prays he is wrong*
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