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Oh hell no!

Protesting is one thing but this goes to far.

These little !#@$'s need to learn a hard lesson.


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Good read. Most of the protests are out of pure ignorance, self interest, or just to protest something. Some folks simply don’t seem to get it. The issue is not about immigration, but ILLEGAL immigration. Out of good form, I will stop…. for the moment.
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Now what would happen to me if I did that to the mexican flag in mexico? Or any other country?
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I think a fitting punishment would be to take the little pudknocker who hung those flags and hang him upside down from the pole for however long those flags were like that.

I just think that sounds fitting.
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that pisses me off too. if they're so proud of Mexico they should go back.
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There is no reason to NOT be proud of the country you were born in, be it Mexico, France, England, Germany, or wherever. What I have a problem with is people who live in the UNITED STATES who don’t put their loyalty there. When you come to the US to live, you are making the CHOICE to be here. And when you decide to STAY here you are choosing to become an AMERICAN. It is not called the “melting pot” for nothing. You stop being what you were and become an American who has a diverse background and mix of cultures and dare I say because of this a culture of its own.

When a person who has chosen the US as their home places a nation other than the US above the US, they should pack up and leave. It is one thing if you are stationed someplace else, or are just temporarily living someplace, but when you have no intention of leaving…… get a clue.
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Do those cities have truancy centers? (ours does... or did.. dont know now, I was the third person put in ours)

Why does the world listen to students? Arent they there to learn? Shouldnt we be listening to the people who have learned?

I say revoke any state or federal funding of them. Easy. Dont bite the hand that feeds.
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These people probably dont even know why they walked out of classes just wanted to be a part of something I guess. Let them take their proud selves and family and whoever else feels that way back across the boarder. Make your country better instad of changing ours.

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What REALLY gets my goat is that we're talking about ILLEGAL immagration here. ILLEGAL as in against the danged law in the first place. The only "rights" these people have is swift trial and following deportation.

My in-laws came here back in 70 LEGALLY, and nothing in the world makes them as angry as seeing a bunch of border-jumpers. They did it the right way, and worked hard to get here. All that is happening to all these law-breakers is that our government continues to pander to them to appease the businesses that employ them illegally. It's one of the times that I'm truly unhappy with the state of our government.
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how does the saying go?
Theres never a can of tear gas around when you need one?
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