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Jordan, sorry that ICDO doesn't have much info on the mechs. We have been dominated by Bushmaster owners (myself included) for many years. We are currently in the process of fixing that. We are rewriting all the stickies for the mechs, BKO, PM and FS. We are really focusing on documenting the knowledge we have so that guys like you can come, feel that there is something there worthwhile and add to it.
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ICD-O: The MCB of the ICD world, sorta...
Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
In short... I don't know what I'm doing. I'll figure it out after another beer.
Originally Posted by Hula Popper View Post
It's my first day as a MCB member and that was well worth $10
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Wow, not a fan of the ICD-O bashing.

I guess to answer you question, they are all pretty great (relatively) it really just depends on what you want. Plus they're cheap, which is also nice. You can own a few for parts and whatnot.

My favorite part of the ICD experience is just the endless modification. If you don't have a lot of money to dump into a gun, ICD may not be the way to go (they don't need money, but they love it).

my .02
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Back on subject, welcome to the ICD family even though i think i am done adding new icd to my group, the one that I have i am not letting go :-P.

As for the pro master, you need to just junk the stock regulator on the promaster, it work decent if you take it out, polish and lube it. But for the cheap cost of other reg, it is not worth it, some work out of the box, some doesn't. I don't really have stock reg on mine.

The manual for the pro master is on ICD-O, they are relatively easy to fix, or if they are not broken, then don't take them apart.
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