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Solenoid Leaking, can't figure it out.

So I went and played a tourney two weeks ago and my promaster worked flawlessly. When I got back from the tourney I cleaned it and adjusted NOTHING and then put it in the closet. This weekend I took it out and it started leaking from the solenoid, through one of the vent holes by the barb nearest the LPR. (Its the one by the number "1" on the solenoid). I adjusted the LPR, cleaned the LPR, made sure there was nothing in the hoses, made sure the hoses weren't damaged and still it leaks through that vent hole. If anyone has a solution to this please tell me, a friend wants to buy this gun and I don't want to sell him a leaking gun.

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A leak though the solenoid does not necessarily mean thats where its leaking.
Check the lp reg, make sure its not spiking.

check the ram orings(you need to disassemble the ram, you will need a torch to remove the hammer. make sure to use red lock tite when reassembling it).

care fully remove the solenoid piston. lube and replace.
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I got this gun to stop leaking. I took out and replaced the spool with the one I had from my Bob Long 2k5 solenoid. It didn't solve the problem right away. I had to adjust the front barb to a perfect position to stop the leak. Who would of thought that how far the barb is screwed in would of caused a leak.
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Yeah it's stupid but sometimes it's the simplist things.
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Sure sign the noid is about to go. There is no real fixing a noid, all you do is delay the death a little while.
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solo crapo

solonoid gasket. possibly?
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Don't forget you can swap the noids parts from the hosed version to the manifold version all you need to use is the spool housing
And if the housing is bad just polish it a tad so it seals better with a cotton swab and light polish

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