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Promaster shootdown

I have a NIB stock promaster that I picked up off ebay. Everything seems to be working properly except when I try to rip a string of shots I get real bad shootdown. First 2-3 shots are good but everything after that the bolt hardly comes back halfway. This is my first ICD and I'm kinda lost on what to do next.
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First make sure you have at least 1500 psi in your tank.
second make sure your bottle is screwed in all the way. if you have an on/off asa make sure the knob is turned all the way in.
(I have seen cases where the tank and asa dont match well and you actually need to loosen the tank in the asa.)
while shooting, pay attention to the gauge, if it drops down and doesnt recover well then your problem is somewhere between the reg and asa.
if the gauge is steady then the low pressure reg could need service. try turning up a little first if that doesnt work clean it and relube.
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HPR is set just over 200psi, drops off to almost zero with a shot string, but comes right back up as soon as you get off the trigger. Tank has about 2K.
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I had this same problem with my Promaster, only thing it needed was to tweak around with the LPR, and at the most to tear down the LPR and just clean it out.
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Clean and lube the LPR then adjust it a quarter turn past where it just recocks the bolt. If that doesn't help clean and lube the HPR as well. Your pressure sounds fine assuming the gauge is right.
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In addition to turning up the LPR above the point of returning the bolt, I have an automag related pet-peeve on the promaster.

There is a single port between the body and the lpr. On my lasoya PM, you can turn the LPR housing beyond the alignment point of those ports, which is a similar problem that automags had early on (admittedly to a greater degree).

Just to satisfy myself, I took a paint pen and marked the body at the position of the port and marked the lpr on the side at the position of its port. I check that the marks are lined up before I worry about tuning.
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