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Odd ball ICD bushmaster question...

So I was drooling over the photos in the ICD photo gallery, and I noticed that several bushmasters had some kind of adapter that enabled them to throw a Palmer's rock/micro rock on their bushmasters. Being the huge fan of Palmer's that I am, and also considering how I like to upgrade my guns beyond what most consider necessary, I couldn't help but wonder what these nifty little buggers were called, and how much it normally runs to procure one.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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It's plainly called a micro rock adapter. There is one for sale on icdo.
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Ok then, Thanks man I'll check it out!
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there are 3 types. one is the hosed, which the rock attaches to the adapter and a hose goes from the rock to the adapter, into the gun. then there are 2 hoseless adapters. Palmer made one, where the airline is all internal. the other is one from Zentiram where you have a longer collar around the rock. i don't know if there is a channel for the air, or it has an internal design, but it works.

they all work the same way, its just the hoseless is more pretty, and you don't have to worry about the hose, blowing off, or getting shot off.

they are also generally known as HRA(Hoseless Rock Adapter), or MRA(Micro Rock Adapter). the hosed ones, are simply Hosed Rocks.
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