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Frames to fit the BLM?

I Was told it might take a little modding to fit a e frame on the BLM body. Just wondering how much that would cost?

I dont know if I posted this in the right place
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As far as prices for a mod (if needed) you'd have to check on the airsmiths forum, ask Rainman. I suspect it won't be a lot, just a pass or two with a ball nose mill if the diameters are different. Otherwise it may be a screw hole issue which might be a simple drill and tap or two. It's hard to tell what fits what on STBBs, because the frame attach tends to be one of the most common "proprietary" changes between brands.

Have you actually tried fitting a standard Spyder frame on there? I know the Millennium is a "fatty" striker body but I'm not sure if that changes the frame mounting at all. Also, if I recall correctly you can fit Intimidator frames on there, so if you have access to one of those you might try that as well.

PS: Might want to ask this on the Kingman forum on PBN. Probably 1/2 your responses will be silly but there are a few great Spyder modders over there as well.

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I have an old gray bodied Spyder that I stuck and e-frame on. I had no problems bolting it up. I adjusted the trigger and went on my way. I would think you would have to go though the same procedure. My e-frame came from an old Spyder imagine. I am not sure if there are any differences in the e-frames from one Spyder model to the next. I would give it a try before sending the parts to an air smith.

Instead of using PBN to ask your questions I would recommend SEA or the Spyder Forums.

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