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Originally Posted by KPCS View Post
OK I have to ask ..... Why ?
( asking for product research )

Ken W
Saw the other one for sale. The way the pump arms look inside the body is, for me, iconic of the scout style. It is a custom touch that isn't normally seen outside of your work. It is very striking when you have the gill type vents sliced. I also don't like having a slot into hammer area.

I am definitely in the market for a scout this year and keeping track of what becomes available. Once I sell my extra Carter Mini Buzzard I want one.
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Originally Posted by KPCS View Post
You should read the Q&A forum.

Ken W
Ok no problem, it was to help and resolve the situation.

We prefer to wait until you are what build two Scout (full size) more or less at the same time to make a bulk shipments in France (for you at Mr. Big).

Thank you for keeping us informed when it will be good
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345/727/D300 -> Twin Disc Brake D44s

Oh wait... wrong scout

Sorry Ken, please feel free to delete, this was the first thing that popped up when I saw "I want a Scout!" on the front page

Although they are very addicting.
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