Living Legends 5 Living Legends at CPX - 2012

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Originally Posted by MIDNIGHTANGELZ View Post
Lol He's telling the truth HAHAH I was camped 30yards away, initially to be a quick 30 minute swap (ya know.. pistols are heavy). Unloading the audio setup for our site.Then it turned into run to NPPL / LL and it stood there longer than suppose to BUT I wasn't in the handicap spot I was in the yellow cross hatched section between the two handicap spots, I had temp permission.
Because of Midnight I was unable to park in the handicapped spot and not knowing my wheelchairs breaks were out I couldn't stop while going down a gentle slope and ending up hitting a car!

Guess I'll sign up for New Empire or see what the guys at customcockers forum are doing.
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Lol, if you didn't fall out the wheel chair then your fine! Jk
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Hellions will be running with the Horde this year and we also know the field like the backs of our hands ,,, see you in the middle Midnightangelz


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