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Official Event Rules for Living Legends V

First off, I would like to thank everyone who contributed ideas, criticism, and other input from the last four years' Living Legends events. Without your valuable time and input we couldn't continue to improve his event. Thank you all!!!

Secondly, you will receive a copy of these rules when you check in, and you will be required to sign a form stating that you have read, and understand, these rules. Therefore "I didn't know I couldn't do that" is not a valid excuse if you violate the rules. Repeat violators can, and will, be ejected in the interest of providing an enjoyable weekend for the players who do read and play by the rules.

A printable copy is available here: Living Legends V Rules

Official Rules for CPX Living Legends V produced by Viper

No non-event .68 caliber paint allowed unless otherwise specified by Viper. Use of unapproved paint on the field is grounds for immediate ejection from the property with no refund.
This does not include Tiberius Arms "First Strike" rounds. You may provide your own if you wish. You may bring your own .43, .50, & .62 caliber paintballs as long as they do not have red fill. All .43, .50, & .62 caliber paintballs must be inspected and approved by Viper prior to use.

Alcohol: Adults of legal drinking age are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages up to 2am Saturday, as well as Saturday night after the dinner break. If you choose to consume ANY alcohol Saturday night you may NOT go back onto the field until Sunday. Anyone in violation of this rule WILL be ejected from the property for the duration of the event and possibly longer. We ask that all cans or bottles must be covered with a "Koozie" or other container cover. This is solely in the interest of not flaunting the consumption of alcohol in pictures or to patrons. Any consumption of alcohol by minors, or providing alcohol to minors, will be grounds for immediate ejection from the property with no refund, and the local authorities will be alerted.

Equipment and supplies

Player materials: When you check in you will receive your player materials and a Player Badge. Your player badge is your ticket to play, and must be on your person at all times. DO NOT LOSE IT!!! IT WILL NOT BE REPLACED!!! If you find one you must turn it in at the registration counter or Viper Command immediately as it is the personal property of another player.

Red or Blue ID Tape: Failure to wear ID tape on the field will result in a warning and a judge punch. One strip of 2" red or blue duct tape must be worn on your left arm between your elbow and shoulder, and must be clearly visible at all times. This tape will be provided to you by your commander or one of his officers, not by the event staff. The only legal way to acquire ID tape is from your commander or a legal member of that team that was placed on that side by the event staff. You must wear your ID tape while on the field.

Medics must also wear a white armband alongside their red or blue armband.

Each player will also receive a strip of one-inch wide colored tape from their unit leader to indicate what unit they are in. A twelve inch strip must be attached to the rear of your goggles and clearly visible from the rear. This must be worn anytime you are on the field and must be clearly visible anytime you are taking part in a mission for your particular unit. (HORDE UNITS: Gaul, Visigoths, Barbarians, Vandals, Huns. NEW EMPIRE UNITS: Blood Legion, Centaur Legion, Pegasus Legion, Minotaur Legion, Praetorian Guard)

Markers: Any commercially produced, commonly available .43, .50, .62, or .68 caliber paintball marker may be used Any marker that can be adjusted on the field, without tools, is required to have a locking device prevent this from being possible. All non-assisted pump markers may chrono up to 300 feet per second, while all others are limited to 280 feet per second. Any fire mode is allowed. However,all markers, including R/Ts, must be capped at 13 balls per second IN ALL MODES INCLUDING SEMI-AUTO MODE. You must also have a "barrel sock" for covering the end of your barrel in all non-play areas. Barrel plugs are not acceptable. Players caught with no barrel sock on their barrel in an off-field area other than the chrono may be ejected from the event with no refund. This includes markers with no paint or air. If it has a barrel it is required to have a barrel sock on it. Period.

LAW Rockets (Nerf Launchers): We do not allow the use of "sabot" rounds (wads of paintballs) or grenades as projectiles from launchers. You must use Nerf brand “Mini Vortex” or JCS “F-69” foam rockets. The only modification to these that will be allowed is trimming of no more than inch off of each of the three fins. All launchers must be chronoed at less than 140 feet per second. These devices are for hard targets only such as vehicles, buildings, bunkers, bridges, etc. These devices may be used during daytime segments only. You must have a “Heavy Weapons Specialist” card to use a LAW on the field, and all launchers must be approved before use. LAWs cannot be used to complete official “destroy” missions.

Goggles: Goggles must meet current ASTM and insurance requirements, must be unaltered, must provide full face, eye, and ear protection, and must have suitable, uncracked and undamaged lenses in them. Players caught lifting their goggles, or breaking the seal of the goggles against their face, may be ejected with no refund. Be smart! Be SAFE!

Radios: Radios are allowed and encouraged. You may monitor any frequency you wish with the exception of the referee channel. Anyone caught monitoring the referee channel will be ejected from the event without refund, and their side will be assessed a score penalty. Players may use their radios anytime except while eliminated and walking either to their hospital or the field exit. Once in the hospital or off-field they may resume use of their radios. Players will not be allowed to stand off-field and gather reconnaissance of the enemy base or for recon and report missions.

Prohibited equipment: No tools or knives may be carried on the field. No personal fill stations allowed on the premises. Any items found in violation will be confiscated and may, or may not, be returned after the event. No unbreakable trip wires. No pyrotechnic devices. No unapproved smoke devices. No shields. No protective padding not commercially-designed for paintball play.

During play

Referees: Do not argue with a referee under any circumstances. If you disagree with a call ask them for their Judge number and see the Ultimate Judge or event director.

Player Refs: There are a number of experienced scenario players who serve as "Player Refs", our version of undercover cops. They are constantly watching for cheaters and unsafe players. They can also be helpful for answering questions if you cannot find a field referee. However, they are prohibited from signing off on any mission cards.

Non players on the field: Anyone wishing to enter the field to take photos, retrieve a lost item, or any other reason you must check with the scenario director before and after doing so. Non-players wishing to take video or photos on the field during play must have an official press pass issued by Viper. Players are welcomed to take photos and videos during play, but must exit the field as soon as they are eliminated.

Wildlife: Shooting of any wildlife will not be tolerated. If you accidentally do so please notify the nearest referee immediately so that we can make sure the animal is okay, or render assistance if necessary. If you witness someone doing so please notify the nearest ref immediately.

Eliminations: If you are hit by a paintball (even if the ball itself ricocheted) and it breaks on you, your gear, or your marker and leaves a quarter-sized mark, you are eliminated. During the nighttime segment (immediately following dinner break) all hits count whether they break or not. If you are wearing a "ghillie suit" all hits count on areas covered by this material. Once eliminated you must immediately exit the field or report to your “hospital.” You must take the shortest reasonable path to do so. Using your “dead time” on the field to do reconnaissance will result in a judge punch on your player badge.

*It is important that you "get up and out" as soon as you are eliminated. Hold your marker high above your head and run out of the bunker! With the large number of players you will encounter it is hard to hear someone shouting "Hit!" while he/she searches for their barrel sock, and players will continue to shoot thinking you are still in. "Get up and out" and get away from the lines of fire, then search for your barrel sock!

Barrel-tagging: You may "barrel-tag" players and eliminate them without shooting. Unless it is on your marker the barrel must be at least 8 inches long, and in plain sight (not hidden up your sleeve). When you tag them you must immediately say, "Barrel tag!" when you touch them with it. Barrel-tagged players are immediately eliminated and are to walk away quietly. Failure to do so will result in a judge punch. After you have exited the area you may declare that you are eliminated as you continue to your hospital or an exit. Barrel tagged players cannot be healed by medics. No barrel tags are allowed during the "Dinner Battle" or "Final Battle."

Faking injuries or medical issues: This will not be tolerated for any reason. Using such ploys on the field will result in ejection from the event.

Surrenders: We request, whenever possible, that you request players within 20 feet to surrender. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a strongly suggested guideline. We also recommend that players who are given this option accept it graciously. The player who asked was displaying good sportsmanship. Please don't reward them with a close shot. Thank them for not shooting you at close range and report to your hospital.

Grenades: In order to be considered an elimination there must be enough paint on the player to be collected into a mark the size of a quarter. One or two specks will not be counted as an elimination.

Game Start: When the game begins your commander will already know what the first missions for each segment are. Be sure that you at your base and ready to go when each segment begins! For the first thirty minutes of each segment players who have not yet been in play may enter directly to their base. Once you are hit you must wait for the next insertion window to open.

Reinsertions: Players may only enter the game from their own hospital. Reinsertions happen every twenty minutes, and the window for inserting stays open for ten minutes. In other words the “window” is open for ten minutes, and then closed for ten minutes. This means that if you show up at the "hospital" at 2:58 you can reinsert at 3:00, but if you show up at 3:02 you may tag up, wipe off your old hit, and go right back to your base. When you insert at your hospital you must go directly to your HQ and remove your barrel sock before you may begin playing. The exception to this is a "Hot Insertion." If the opposing team has control of your base (the referee will make this judgment) you will be informed at your hospital that it will be a "Hot Insertion" which means that you are in immediately when the hospital opens. This time should be used to take out as many of the occupying forces as possible since you only have to tag up at your hospital when you get hit, as opposed to them having to go all the way back to their end of the field.

Each side will have access to a secondary insertion point. They may only use this insertion point after their opponents have pushed them back to a designated line on the field, and at the discretion of a senior referee. This line is called the “Broken Arrow” line. For the west HQ this line is through Cuidad Del Carmen and Oaxaca. For the east HQ this is Zacapa, Belize City, and Chetumal. Once they are pushed back to that position the commander, and ONLY the commander, may choose to sacrifice score points to get one regular ten-minute insertion from their secondary insertion point. The secondary insertion point for the west HQ will be the field entrance between Zacapa and Belize City. The secondary insertion point for the east HQ will be the field entrance between Tapachula and Guatemala City. The first secondary insertion will cost that commander twenty points. It then doubles each time he uses it. The same applies to his opponent, which is to say that his first secondary insertion will cost him twenty points, and that amount will double each time he uses it. The secondary insertion is only available if you are pushed beyond your “broken arrow” line and your commander requests it to be opened.

Command bunker and base: There is no shooting into, or out of, the command bunker. To eliminate everyone in the command bunker you need only to stick your foot inside the first doorway and announce "All DEAD!" At that point the base referee will clear out everyone in the bunker. The bunker is not destroyed, but everyone inside will be eliminated. No markers are allowed inside the command bunker except for the commander's. No props are allowed to be kept in the command bunker. No player may eliminate another player wearing the same color ID tape within fifty feet of their command bunker, or do anything harmful while wearing that color within fifty feet of the bunker.

Bunkers on the field: No player may move any bunkers unless specific provisions are outlined by the event director allowing him to do so.


Tanks: Any motorized vehicle must carry its own liability insurance, and list Xtreme Sports Inc and Kerry Rosenberry as "additional insured." All drivers must have a current, valid driver’s license. The vehicle is limited to fast walking speed. It must have a clearly visible way for players to discern what color the tank is allied with, and it must have a bright orange flag that can be hoisted if it is eliminated.

All vehicles must have a full inspection by the ultimate judge at the event prior to being allowed on the field. The tank will receive its own badge with places for judge punches. Three rule violations will result in its permanent removal from the field.

Vehicles must remain at least 150 feet from the enemy’s command bunker.

If the driver is unable to see due to paint splatter their windshield must be cleaned immediately.

Each vehicle must provide one attendant to supervise activities of the vehicle on the field. This attendant must accompany the tank everywhere. Their duties are to prevent human contact or rule violations, and to help notify the tank of grenade, Nerf, and satchel hits. They may not carry a marker, point out targets, or otherwise participate as a player while they are serving as a “tank walker.”

You can take out a tank with a satchel charge or a LAW (Nerf launcher). Only “Nerf Mini Vortex” or “JCS F69” rounds may be used. The only modification to Nerfs that will be allowed is trimming of no more than inch off of each of the three fins.

You can disable a tank (no movement, but it can still fire) for five minutes with a paint grenade. Players near a motorized tank may not get within 20 feet of the tank while the motor is running. Intentional violation of this by tanks or players will result in disciplinary action. Markers to be fired from the tank are limited to 260fps.

Tanks must have an audible 12 volt horn that is not overly loud, but can be heard 150 feet in any direction. For safety reasons this may not be a handheld air horn as these are reserved for emergencies. One long blast means the engine is off and players may use it as a bunker. Two blasts mean that the engine will start in five seconds and all players must move away from the tank.

All tanks must be cleared with the event director no less than three weeks prior to the event or they will not be allowed on the field. No exceptions!

Any air source inside the vehicle that is not attached to a marker or launcher must be securely anchored.

Vehicles are not to be used during the Dinner Battle or the Final Battle.

“Walking tanks”: Human-powered tanks are asked to make the “tank” appear as much like a real vehicle as possible. Please build something more than a box to throw over your head. These are also limited to fast walking speed just as a motorized one, and will be required to use the same major roads and paths as a motorized tank. It must have a clearly visible way for players to discern what color the tank is allied with, and it must have a bright orange flag that can be hoisted if it is eliminated. You can take out a walking tank with a satchel charge or a LAW (Nerf launcher). You can disable it (no movement, but it can still fire) for five minutes with a paint grenade. Markers to be fired from the tank are limited to 260fps. All tanks must be cleared with the event director no less than three weeks prior to the event or they will not be allowed on the field. No exceptions! The 20 foot safety zone rule does not apply to walking tanks.

Demolitions: Any building, bridge, or bunker you see that has been wrapped in brightly colored one-inch tape has been destroyed. You may hide behind it or around it, but you may not enter the structure, or cross the bridge, until an engineer repairs it and removes the tape.

M.O.S. (Military Operations Specialty) types Your commander will assign these roles. If he so chooses he may unassign a role and reassign it to another player by calling in to central command and requesting approval before doing so. You may only be assigned one MOS. For more specific instructions these players should refer to their special MOS card and various supply cards that will be given to them by their commander.

Medic: If you intend to be a medic you must have a pen with you at all times! Medics can heal players who have not been barrel-tagged or blown up. They cannot "heal" head-shots. If you wish to be healed by a medic you must stop as close to where you were hit as possible and shout "Medic!" at which point the referee will give the medic a reasonable amount of time to reach you, wipe off your hit, and record you badge number on his "Medic Supplies Card." You are not to be shot at once you call for a medic, nor can you verbally interact with players. The medic can be eliminated while in the process of completing his tasks. A player calling for a medic is not to be targeted by paintballs. The medic is not to use the player to be healed as a bunker.

Demolitions Expert: Can use satchel charges to destroy bridges, bunkers, and buildings.

Engineer: Can rebuild destroyed bridges, bunkers, and buildings.

Heavy Weapons Specialist: Cleared to carry Light Antitank Weapons. (LAWs)


There are a number of things that affect your score. All of them have to do with defending your territories or capturing your enemy’s territories.

There are fifteen contestable territories on the map. They are Veracruz, Oaxaca, Tapachula, Cuidad Del Carmen, Villa De Los Muertos, Guatemala City, Belize, Belize City, Tik’al, Maya Mountains, Campeche, Merida, Cancun, Chetumal, and Playa Del Carmen. Each of these will have a primary “Conquest Marker” (a Viper “Slap Stick” with a sign indicating the location). To “capture” a territory you must change the “Conquest Marker” to your side’s color and keep it that way for fifteen minutes. If it gets changed back before the fifteen minutes is up your capture was unsuccessful.

Capturing territories: Your commander will receive orders to capture a specific enemy territories. If you can successfully capture it during the prescribed time you will receive one hundred points.

Defending territories: Your commander will also be directed to defend a specific territories for a prescribed amount of time. If the other side successfully captures it at any time before the mission ends your side will lose fifty points.

Skirmish: Your commander will have a schedule that will list specific times that particular units are to capture specific territories. A large force, the majority of which must be members of the designated unit, must capture the prescribed territory during the prescribed interval. If you have too many players in the skirmish who are not members of the requisite unit your side will forfeit the skirmish. If their skirmish is successful your side will receive 25 points.

Special Missions: There will be a number of special missions issued to the commanders each hour. Completion of these will yield extra points on top of the other scoring options.

Major props

Supply caches: There will be various supply caches hidden throughout the field. These will be padlocked and chained to objects on the field. If you have the proper key you can unlock the box, retain the supplies inside, and turn in the box, lock, chain, and key for bonus points for your side. If you tamper with a supply box without a key your side will be penalized. In order to be awarded bonus points you must turn in all four items: the box, lock, chain, and the key.

Third Faction: The "Rippers"

The city is inhabited by 20 to 30 cannibals who have totally digressed into a savage tribe who worship pagan gods. They emulate the “Jaguar Warriors” of the ancient Aztec society. These were the most elite warriors of the Aztec army, and were easily recognizable by their jaguar skins, jaguar warpaint, and sometimes even jaguar skulls as headdresses. These savage individuals have become known as “Rippers” by most of the civilized people, and they will even refer to themselves by that name. Their intense study of the ancient Jaguar Warriors has given them amazing jungle skills allowing them to appear and disappear almost like ghosts in the jungle. It is unknown whether this is a mystical reason for this, or if they simply have vast knowledge of the tunnels and trails in the jungle. As far as game mechanics go the “Rippers” will have the ability to travel outside the tapeline and enter at a point of their choosing.

Ritual pieces: The Rippers have found records of ancient ceremonies and rituals that they believe will bring back their fallen warriors or grant them special powers. The have a list of specific artifacts that they desperately want to acquire so that they may perform these rituals. If you have one of these items you may be able to negotiate a cease fire with them or even solicit their assistance for a period of time.

Personal Property
Personal property of others is to be respected at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, the contents of their player packet, generators, noisemakers, perimeter warning devices, flashlights, spotlights, etc. If you come across something of this sort and need/want to disable it you must check with a judge before doing so. Items such as generators, noisemakers, or perimeter warning devices you wish to take on the field must be approved by Viper before doing so.
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