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EgoPossum 11-13-2011 10:33 AM

Sandana Venomwear Sabotage Pants - Initial Thoughts
Well people, one of our distributors at the shop is carrying the full Sandana Venomwear line of playing gear and one other guys at the shop picked up a pair of pants.

I got to grab them and thought that I would give the folks on MCB my views on them.

Here are the features from Sandana's website:
High quality 12oz Bull Denim
1000 Denier Ballistic Cordura Impact zones
Adjustable waistband and cuff
Pockets to your knees!
No bulky pads to slow you down
Made for the player and built in the U.S.A

They are sized from Medium - XX Large
Medium - 28-31" Waist (29" Inseam)
Large - 31-34" Waist (30" Inseam)
X-Large - 34-37" Waist (31" Inseam)
2X-Large - 37-41" Waist (32" Inseam

Just holding them, they are heavy in comparison to your normal tournament pant. It is like comparing the weight of a pair of Dickies/Carhartt work pants to designer jeans. The closest pair of paintball pants that I have in weight are my DBD pants and they are still not as heavy.

On initial inspection of the seams, they are all double stiched and there are no loose threads that I found. The materials used on the pants feel like they should be able to withstand alot of abuse. Even without need pads, knees, sides of the pants, and bottoms are re-enforced with the 1000D Cordura. They use 2" webbing and velcro to make it so that you can cinch the pants down to your waist size. There are also massive belt loops for those of us that would rather use a belt to hold our pants up. The zipper protector is clipped in place instead of being on snaps or velcro. This is just a personal preference thing. I have broken those clips on my backpacks and other assorted things. Time will tell on how long this will last.

Sandana says that the pants will adjust about 3" using the adjustment straps. I have a pair on order for myself and I do like my pants to be a little looser so I went to the large size.

One thing that I like that they did with these pants is the pockets. Sure there are not zippered closed like my other pairs but they do go to my knees and are the perfect size to fit an extra pod in. Most of the time I play pump and don't need alot of paint for a game and being able to carry 2 pods on myself without wearing my pack is nice. Also I like the thought of having my back pockets. Not many pants out there have them and it is nice to have somewhere to put my wallet when I am getting ready to go home, so then everything is not in my 2 front pockets.

I also like the way that they did the drawstrings on the bottom of the pants. I am probably going to just pull mine out and let them hang like the DBD pants but it is nice to have the option.

I do prefer a heavier pant living in Northern Ontario. If I decide play in the late fall/early winter, I do not want a pair that is mostly mesh then material. I could see these getting a little warm in the summer but I would tolerate it like I do with my DBD pants. I am hard on my playing gear. My main jersey have tears in the fabric and my main pants have wear on the knees and holes in the mesh. My DBD pants are starting to wear out (well the mesh is) and I am going to have to replace them eventually and when the time comes I think I might have to pick up a pair.

Here is just a quick summery

Heavy weight material and stitching
Front pockets big and long enough to fit a 140 round pod
Rear pockets for your wallet
Belt loops big enough for heavy webbing belts

No pads (gotta make sure that you have both slide shorts and knee/shin pants)
No stretchy areas (if you want a little more mobility go a size up)
No venting (live it it)

*note; I have not played in these and will adjust my review when I actually play in them

thanks for reading guys

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