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Smiley's Huge Yard Sale

Ok, hereíŽs the skinny on the sale. These items were acquired in an attempt to settle a debt from an indoor paintball field that stole money from us.
What we got in the settlement was way more than we ever wanted. Shocker 4X4/Turbos, Automags, Line SI Bushmaster junk, a couple VM-68s (we claimed them for rentals íV sorry), and miscellaneous bits and kaboobs. Unfortunately, I have to unload this stuff to make up for the lack of funding to buy parts and seals for our loaner fleet of Spyders and vm-68s and Tippmans that we desperately need.
Prices are flexible but these items are sold in groups. We caníŽt split them up to sell individual pieces (so doníŽt ask). Shipping estimates are listed with each lot. We prefer money order. Please email me directly for questions and payment details íV First come, first serve.

Line SI Bushmaster Junk íV $55 Shipped
What you see is what you get. 007 Nelson grip frames and internals are supposed to work with these. ThatíŽs all I know.

10 Automags - $1000 plus 40 shipping (somewhat heavy box) OR two lots of 5 Automags íV $500 each plus 20 shipping.

Okay, these work and are in very good condition, but need a ížgoodíĘ cleaning. These are what seem to be Level 7 automags with right side feeds and stock barrels. These were run on Compressed air only and still work. At the moment, these will need a bottom line or a remote line to gas up. I suggest replacing the seals. 10 Automag seal kits are included. I got one up and running by cleaning it and replacing the seals. After market SmartParts Automag barrels can be bought from this guy - Barry Brown - -

Shocker 4x4/Turbo Grave Yard íV $700 OBO plus 60$ in shipping (very heavy box):
I am always seeing ads for players wanting a shocker project. Well, here ya goƒ║

I have no clue how these work or if they work. Some seem to be missing a plug or a bolt. One of them is completely gutted. Some boards are missing from what the owner told me. Bodies are in very good shape and show very little wear. These would be great for milling projects or centerfeed conversions. These have right feed and single trigger grip frames and most come with a Max Flo regulator system. Some even have a tank. I doníŽt know the size, sorry. Also included are EXTRA Max Flo regs and various parts that I have no clue what they are.
As for barrels, the owner didníŽt have any to give us (????). I have no parts for these unfortunately. But I did do some research:

Replacement Shocker boards íV Smart Parts does not sell them any more, BUT I emailed KM2 and they said they still have the Glacier AT in stock - -

Replacement Shocker Orings íV Smart parts still sells oring kits. You can also find replacement front plugs cheap and ížpoppitsíĘ (?) from them too. They are expecting a call/email from the person who buys this lot. ---- OR you can go here for orings -
AND for the Max Flos:
And HERE - -

Replacement solenoids and gasketsíV OR go ask smart parts. They still carry the one solenoid (4000 model) and the little pistons that go inside the solenoids.

20 Sheridan XTS/JTX rental fleet - $700 Shipped
We used these as loaners in the club for 2 years. They saw moderate use and were cleaned after every time we played. These worked very well for us and were great for using with newbies and youth groups. Average chrono speed for these was 260-275 and got 400 shots per seven ounce tank.
I overhauled these two years ago with brand new seals and springs and sears, but only three of them have seen a days worth of play since then. We kept zip ties on the back of these markers to keep the grip frame and receiver tight together as an extra precaution to protect the marker and the trigger sear during rugged play. We doníŽt use these anymore. It is time for these to go to a better home or club where they will actually be used.

Matrix And Excaliber Junk. $20 shipped

Excaliber/Viking valve piston thingys íV $32 shipped
Only one is used. The rest are brand new. I used to work a lot on the Excaliber/Viking tourney type markers a few years ago when I teched for a team. I used to keep these on hand to tech those markers. These are all I have left of those

Tippman SL-68 parts íV $60 Shipped
Orings are stained but seem good. Some cup seals look used, but the Tippman techs say that they are still good. Unfortunately, this is probably the only place you will find parts for the SL-68 1 & 2 since Tippman does not have parts for them anymore.

Ion grip frame íV 22$ shipped

Impule (Impy) Board íV 23$ shipped
Board is brand spankin new, but when a club mate bought it, the trigger micro switch was broken. This is a very easy fix. You just have to desolder the broken switch and solder in a new one. Smart Parts has the replacement micro switch cheap.

Lot of Impulse after market body plugs íV $21 shipped
These are color anodized brand new never used impulse body plugs.

Lot of AGD Bottomline tank mounts íV 33$ shipped OBO
These were made to bypass/replace the pin valve on a CO2 tank or a compressed air tank. These would make the tank a permanent fixture on the paint marker. These are tapped to have a burst disc on one side and a line going to the gun on the opposite side. These are all brand new except for three. These were made just for exclusively by AGD for the indoor field.

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*cough* read rule number one:
1) Post an ad not a link
Please make an actual sales ad, not a link to another site or forum.
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Exclamation Actual sale - -not link

Any questions, let me know

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thats some pretty awesome junk BTW... did you run out of room?
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You didn't happen to get the tanks to go with the automags did you?

Paintball is fun!
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"Lot of AGD Bottomline tank mounts íV"

How do you fill the tank?
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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
"Lot of AGD Bottomline tank mounts íV"

How do you fill the tank?
Thats what I was wondering.
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ION frame still available? Pm me if it is. Thanks
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