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big paintball sale

ok i have my whole set up here it is:
1.maxxed up ion wit cp on/off redz rail,custom paint,empire grips,virtue on/off and qev asking 250
2.pure energy tank 68/45 asking 90
3.nitro duck tank 88/3000 asking 85
4.lnib halo hopper with rip drive asking 85
5.proto 05 pants and 06 proto jersey balck wit red asking 35
6.backup gun spyder pilot wit 20 ounce co2 tank and electric vl hopper asking 100
you could get this great set up for only 500 obo or will trade for a fep quest or any high end gun
and all of the prices are best offers and pm me for picssssssss
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Pleas read the rules before posting
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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Reading the rules before posting is a requirement.

The rules are simple:

1) Post an ad not a link
Please make an actual sales ad, not a link to another site or forum.

2) State a price
Please be courteous and state a price when selling something. If you don't know what it is worth, then you can still post and ask what people think it may be worth....

We're trying to avoid the "make me an offer" posts. They are just not allowed.

It's easier to sell when you state the price. It avoids pointless e-mails to the seller, and potential buyers don't get tense from the fear of making a low ball offer.

3) No, "Who can make a better offer" posts
Please ask for a price and if it's that price or best offer below that price. No fishing for higher prices. Please take your fishing to pbnation.

4) Be honest about the condition
We'd all love to think our guns condition is the best, but be honest, and fully disclose any issues that the gun has.

5) We have a higher standard here, even our overseas friends who's native language is not English can make an attempt. We expect no less from other members.

We don't expect every word to be perfect, but by using "U" instead of "You" and similiar shortcuts shows you're not even trying. Posts may be locked or deleted.

6) You do not need to add @#$! characters to the title
Do not add extra characters or caps lock to your titles and posts. By characters we are referring to the "shift + numberkey" symbols. Eg: !@#$%^&*
This is not needed to draw attention to your post. If a post is like this, we may ask you to remove them, or the post may just be deleted all together.

7) Upping your Post
Yes, sometimes your post will fall back a page or two. You may "UP" the post by replying to it once every 24 hours. By doing it more often, you risk having the post locked.

8) No PayPal (or other payment processing system) % please
Do not make a sales price and then add that the buyer must pay an additional % to cover your PayPal (or other payment processing system) fees. Those fees are for the SELLER, not the BUYER. If you want to cover those standard selling/transaction fees please adjust your sales price accordingly before setting the price.

Thank You.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
Paintball is a game of honor, play it that way!

Nelson Owners Group

RIP Grifyn
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