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The new Milsig Paradigm Pro

Ive had this beast in my hands for a couple of weeks now and I must say I am very impressed. Review coming in the next couple of days. Follow the link for pics.

Milsig Paradigm Pro | Facebook
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Can you post a review on here or over on the First Strike Forum? There is a thread i started over there on First Strike Round capable markers and would like your input.
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I'm new to the forums, and was browsing around when I saw this thread, and figured that I would share my accuracy results as well a description of my rig that I had posted over on the ACES forum. Enjoy!

Alright, time for the write up.

So, yesterday, I headed out to a small local field nearby to chrono the Para Pro in after its cleaning to make sure I was where I wanted to be. I made a few adjustments, and I got it to fire ten shots at 283 +/- 2fps. After having everyone at the field ask me all kinds of questions concerning the markers and telling me how awesome they looked (I took my modded TM7 out there as well), the refs approached me and asked me to lead up a sniper team for the Protect the President game they were gonna play. I got 6 guys and we all spread out across the woods. I won't go into too much detail, because I want to get to the meat of my write up, but its was 7 on 35+ and we took out over half of them prior to taking out the president. It was pretty fun and it was a blast having people's jaws drop looking at and handling the Para Pro. Everyone was pretty intimidated. lol.

On to the rest. After playing around a bit, I headed off to the road I shot at last time with full air and 115 FSRs at my disposal. My roommate came along with me and played as my spotter to help me see the target.

To start, I got my .686 backer from that I ordered. I replaced the Marksman barrel with my HH Bangstixx barrel and the Flasc Suppressor. Everything else was as same as last time. The weather was partly cloudy. Temp was around 58, and there was very little wind (maybe 3-5 mph, and that's when it picked up.)

Here is my current set up.

Milsig Paradigm Pro Desert tan
Guerrilla Air 13ci HPA tank
HHA Optimizer
Hawke XB1 Crossbow scope
Crossman 9"-13" adjustable bipod
Magpul AFG2 foregrip
Hammerhead Bangstixx barrel with .686 backer
Flasc Suppressor

Zeroing in at 20 yards

I took 5 shots for the zero to make sure my scope hadn't changed. This is what I got.

I didn't have to make many adjustments. It looked pretty good to me. lol.

I then took it out to 40 yards. I fired 9 rounds at the target. (I was running low on FSRs, so I loaded the magazines less than full to shoot more targets with the TM7 later) Here are the results from the 40 yard shooting.

3 rounds were right on top of each other. All others were still within a 6"x7" grouping. A lot better grouping at 40 yards than with the Marksman barrel.

I then backed it out to 60 yards. This is where my roommate helped out a lot. He called the shots as they hit. Low, high, left, right. It was great and a huge help. He even took some photos of me while I shot so that I could share them with you. ^_^

Adjusting the HHA for 60 yards.

Shooting the 60 yard group.

9 rounds at 60 yards. One went low (the first shot) because I got a little jerky with the trigger pull. the rest were pretty much on target. Not a bad grouping and a lot better than with the stock Marksman barrel.

The final grouping of the day was at 80 yards. It took me some time to get the HHA set and to figure out which reticule to use to hit the target consistently. I honestly will consider getting the Killjoy APR to put underneath the HHA, because I strongly believe that anything outside of 70 yards will require more adjustment to effectively use the reticules properly on the scope. It will probably be my next purchase for both the Para Pro and the SAR 12 when it gets in. It is not needed from 60 yards and in, but once you get to 70+ yards, the extra elevation is definitely needed.

Here is the final group of the day. 2 mags at 6 rounds each, total of 12 shots on target. 10 of 12 were 12"x12" and the two that missed were just barely in the red.

I have had long discussions with White Feather about rifled vs. smooth bore and which one would give the most consistent accuracy. I had toyed with getting a CP 16" smooth bore with .685 bore to do some testing with it, but after seeing the groupings I managed with the HH rifled barrel, I think that this barrel will be staying on my marker for the foreseeable future. I love the groupings it gave me, and unless I have total confidence that a smooth bore will give me better results, I think that this barrel combination will be on this marker for a long time. ^_^
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