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I don't know if all the music would be considered 'odd', but I absolutely adore The Devin Townsend Project.

He did an entire album about an alien flying through the universe, in search of the universes ultimate cup of coffee.
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Hmm. I dont know if they are the oddest band I listen too, but they are the only real band that semi fits the description.

Screw it, embeding just wont work since they changed it.
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Love Morphine !! More people need to know about the music they made.

Oddest ? Thats tough .... Perhaps ....

the Cramps ?
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Originally Posted by postal_bob View Post
Gotta love The Residents!

I don't personally think these bands are odd but I have had encounters where people walk in the room with them playing and give me a funny look.

Black Moth Super Rainbow is great with the mellotron.


Also Zach Hill

There're others...
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The Protomen, who are probably the best live show if anyone goes to PAX prime or PAX east

Otherwise the frogs sometimes, who are just too weird to show here.
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Oddest band? Well, I do love me some Front 242 and Caberat Voltaire. Mmmmmm....random buzzes and clicks
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Morphine was a great band I was lucky to see them live once as well. I do not consider them odd at all.

What about The Butthole Surfers. I was talking about them with my nephew and he accused me of makeing the name up, I on the other hand could not believe that they where unknown to the current highschool generation but I guess that just makes me old.

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Originally Posted by Swamp Thing View Post
Morphine was a great band I was lucky to see them live once as well. I do not consider them odd at all.
C'mon now, homemade slide bass guitar and a sax player who uses a wah peddle and plays two saxes at once? I mean, I know their not the first guiys to do that, but still, it is a little off the wall.

Morphine is awesome, glad I got to see them as well.

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What I mean by that comment is that some bands are trying to be odd and it comes across in the music. The example I will use here is Sonic Youth. To me they always sound like they are trying stuff just to be different.

Morphine on the other hand just sounds good and despite the unconventionlness that got them to that point the "Oddness" was not jarring to me so it just dosn't jump out as much if you get my drift.

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